General Hospital Recap for August 24 to August 28, 2015

By on August 29, 2015
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This week on General Hospital Ava tries to save herself; Kiki learns the truth about Morgan and Ava; and Sonny and Carly are worried about Morgan.

'general hospital'

Patrick catches up with Elizabeth at the end of his shift at General Hospital. He congratulates her on her engagement to Jake, saying if Jake is the one, then he is happy for her. Elizabeth teases Patrick about his issues about Jake, but Patrick reminds Elizabeth that Jake is capable of great violence. Yes, Helena had brainwashed him to do all those awful things, but whatever Jake must’ve learned those things in a previous life. The problem is they don’t know about his past. Elizabeth squirms, knowing full well what Jake’s past is, but she reiterates how much she and Jake love each other and how much they want this to work out. Elizabeth then asks Patrick why he and Sam haven’t tied the knot yet. Patrick thinks Sam isn’t quite over Jason.

Meanwhile Sam stops by the Jerome penthouse to tell Julian that she is on his side. She finds Alexis instead and a bottle of chardonnay. The women discuss whether Julian is telling the truth about his non-mob activities. Sam actually questions it, but in the end decides to support Alexis. If her mom believes her dad, then she will too!

Julian visits Sonny to suss out if Sonny is trying to frame him. Sonny attempts to taunt Julian into admitting he is still in the mob, but Julian remains steadfast. He insists he is out. Their convo doesn’t really do much except showcase how hilariously intense Sonny can be when it comes to Julian.

Franco’s trial continues, hitting an insane point when Scotty accuses Denise of being Ava. He whips out the DNA test, courtesy of Dr. Obrecht (who had furtively procured a drinking glass from the Jerome house to prove that Denise and Ava are the same person). Even though Franco doesn’t want Ava to be revealed, both Dr. O and Scotty feel this is the best chance Franco has of avoiding prison. On the stand Ava cracks and admits she is not Denise, but Ava. Kiki is stunned—and thrilled that her mom is alive as Morgan feels betrayed. Ava is immediately arrested for Connie’s murder but only after she shows everyone the photo of Nina standing over Silas’ body. She made good on her promise to Franco that she would expose Nina if her own cover was blown. So Franco does the only thing he can think of to save Nina: He confesses to killing Silas! Despite Scotty’s best efforts to quiet Franco, Franco continues to spin a ludicrous tale of why and how he killed Silas. The judge becomes exasperated with this circus and orders Franco, Ava, and Nina into police custody. As Ava is being taken away, Kiki is desperate to follow her mother, but Morgan wants no part of it.

Nathan meets Maxie for lunch at the Metro Court where he tells Maxie about his suspicions: Madeline and Ric are trying to fleece Nina for her inheritance. They are interrupted by Ric, who texts Nathan the photo of Nina and Silas. Nathan realizes he has to arrest his sister just as Ric realizes he has to prosecute his wife!

Carly returns to Sonny’s house where they go around round of “Is Morgan bi-polar and if so, did he hurt Silas?” Morgan arrives to tell them what happened in court, including Ava is alive! She was pretending to be Denise all along! Carly and Sonny can see how upset Morgan is and hug him.

At the PCPD Valerie and Dante rehash their one night together as Valerie confesses she is looking for a place to live, while temporarily staying at Carly’s house. Nathan brings Nina in as Ava is also brought in. The women immediately hurl insults at each other. Kiki arrives to talk to Ava as Nathan decides to bring Nina to the cells. Ava swears she didn’t kill Silas and that she did what she did to be a part of Kiki and Avery’s lives. Kiki is just so damn happy to see her mother that she believes anything that comes out of Ava’s mouth.

Franco is also brought to the cells where he is locked opposite from Nina. Nina frets, hoping they can get out of this together. She tells Franco that Nathan is their only hope; he is searching for the real killer. Upstairs in the squad room Nathan pores over the visitors’ log at the Jerome penthouse and sees that Morgan and Silas both visited her on the day Silas was killed. He then notices something and pretty much cries, “Eureka!” He has made a crack in the case! He knows who killed Silas! Dante worries that it’s Morgan, but Nathan assures him it’s not. They go to talk to Jordan to say they may know who killed Silas and it’s none of the folks they have in custody!

At the Quartermaine mansion Tracy finds a copy of Dillon’s script and begins to read. Paul interrupts her with the news that he is financing Dillon’s movie. Tracy snorts, wondering where he got the money but Paul swears it’s all legit. He attempts to tease Tracy into a kiss, and she laughs, but they settle for being friends and having dinner together.

Dillon arrives at the Haunted Star to check on the film equipment. They discuss Valerie and Dante and Dillon’s script. They review a scene which is so obviously about them and have a moment when Dante and Valerie arrive.

Back at the jail cells Sonny drops by to taunt Ava. He says that Ava will never be Avery’s mother, especially now that he will marry Carly. Sonny finds it poetic that Ava is in jail on the anniversary of Connie’s death. He gloats that Ava will pay for killing Connie. Ava retaliates by reminding Sonny how much Morgan cares about her, but Sonny reminds Ava that it will break Kiki’s heart to know that Morgan cheated on her with Ava. After Sonny leaves, Ava realizes her last hope is Julian stealing the recording from the DA’s office.

Madeline stops by the DA’s office to tell Ric how displeased she is about Nina being in jail. Ric explains he had no choice and looks forward to running off with Nina’s money. Madeline says that Nina refused to sign the paperwork, so they don’t have access to her inheritance. Nathan took the papers and Ric needs to convince Nina to sign them.

Alexis goes to Julian’s place and asks him if he knew about Denise and Ava being the same person. Julian swears he just found out. He says he wants to help Ava and later we see him breaking into Ric’s office, presumably to steal the recording of Ava. But Ric is there, so instead Julian tries to cover by accusing Ric of targeting him and Ava. Ric thinks that is absurd and leaves when he gets a message from Madeline. Alone Julian tries to search for Ava’s recording, but is busted by Jordan.

Kiki arrives at Sonny’s house to find Morgan throwing a hissy fit. He can’t believe how calm Kiki is about Ava. Kiki can’t believe how upset Morgan is. Does he still have feelings for her? Morgan asks Kiki to go away with him and start over. Kiki gently declines; Ava and Avery are here. She can’t leave them.

Upset Kiki and Morgan separately visit Franco and Ava respectively in jail. Kiki demands to know how long Franco knew Denise was Ava. Franco admits since the Fourth of July. He reveals that Ava was blackmailing him into silence with an incriminating photo of Nina. Franco also says that Silas knew about Ava and was going to confess to Scotty, but never did. Kiki wonders if this is what Silas wanted to tell her before he died. Franco hesitates, then says there is something else Silas wanted to tell her. Something about Morgan. Kiki demands that Franco tell her everything. Franco takes a deep breath and announces that Morgan has been doing the deed with Ava. At first Kiki can’t believe it, but soon she realizes that Morgan may have wanted to kill Silas to keep him quiet.

Meanwhile an emotional Morgan confronts Ava. How could she lie to him all this time?! Ava challenges Morgan. He must’ve known deep down inside that she is really Ava. Morgan swears he didn’t . He also wants to know why Ava didn’t tell him. Ava reminds Morgan that she couldn’t quite trust him, but she still loves him and wants to be with him. Morgan reminds her there is a problem: he is with Kiki! You know, your daughter? He breaks it off with Ava, leaving her a weepy mess.

Maxie stops by the Haunted Star where she and Dillon get into it over Georgie. Dillon laments he is on a budget and needs a costume designer. Maxie says she knows someone. Does she mean herself? Nope, she means her pal Reeves. Unfortunately Reeves is not available, nor is Dillon’s leading lady. So what does Dillon do? He offers the part to Lulu. Lulu shows a modicum of common sense and refuses, but Maxie urges her to do it. Lulu snaps at her. If Maxie wants it so much, why doesn’t she do it?

Ric heads to the PCPD to talk to Nathan, who ends up arresting him for the murder of Silas! Ric exclaims that he barely knew the guy! Dante and Nathan lay out some evidence, which we don’t hear. Later we learn that Ric has been released because he threatened a lawsuit against the PCPD. Jordan isn’t too pleased, especially when she receives a phone call from the mayor.

At the courthouse Nina won’t shut up about Franco’s innocence. Alexis advises her to focus on her own arraignment. Madeline arrives to show her “support” but Nina totally knows her mother is really after her money. Ric also arrives with a document in hand. He says he was able to get Nina’s paperwork from Nathan, but he has a burning question for Madeline: how did she manage to get Silas’ signature on this? Madeline doesn’t reply, but she does has a flashback to knocking on Silas’ door.

The judge refuses Nina’s bail, so Nina is escorted back to jail, where Franco assures her that they will be free—and the real killer will pay for murdering Silas. Meanwhile Julian stops by to see Ava. Ava is in the depths of despair. Julian tries to get her to see that Morgan is not worth it, but Ava swears she loves him and he loves her.

Sonny and Carly continue to talk about Morgan. When Morgan arrives, he is on a high having broken things off with Ava. Sonny and Carly gently but firmly attempt to convince Morgan that he is bi-polar and needs to see a doctor. Morgan insists he is fine, now that Ava is out of his life. All he needs is Kiki! So he saunters out and heads to Silas’ apartment where Kiki had just returned for the first time since Silas’ death. She looks around, noting that it looks like nothing happened. When she hugs a photo of herself and Silas, there’s a knock on the door. Kiki opens the door to Morgan, who smiles eagerly at her. Kiki, on the other hand, looks like she is ready to choke the living daylights out of Morgan.

What do you think, GH fans? Was the Silas’ real killer revealed this week? Who does Morgan belong with: Ava, Kiki, or no one? And does anyone care about Dillon’s movie?

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