Jenna Jameson Slams Fat Shamers But What Happened to Her Face?

By on August 29, 2015

Jenna Jameson’s weight gain has attracted some very negative attention. The former porn star was an admitted meth addict once weighing 90 pounds causing many to weigh in on her thin frame. Now she’s got people talking again as she looks anything but 90 pounds. She lashed out at those she believes are fat shaming, but why is nobody talking about her face?

Jenna Prime 2

The above picture is an earlier version of Jenna’s face and here is what she looks like now:

Jenna Face

The former Mrs. Tito Ortiz was open about having plastic surgery in her How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale. She expressed regret about breast enhancements that were too big and also shared her struggles with being raped as a teenager and her drug addiction.

She was one of the highest paid and most popular porn star and managed to build a multi-million dollar enterprise from her brand. She made sex-toys, anatomically correct Jenna dolls, a video line, website, and much more. She was also made appearances on Howard Stern’s radio show where she made an impression on Howard because of just how smart and in control of her life she seemed. She showed an ability to handle his sense of humor and interest in her life as a porn star.

Jenna showed off her brain when invited by Oxford to argue against their proposition, “The House Believes that Porn is harmful.” Knowing that there was a difference in education levels, she took on the challenge and won the debate. She fiercely defended herself against perceptions of who became porn stars.

What she didn’t seem to have in control was her love life. She married four times and retired from making moves. She seemed to have settled down with fighter Tito Ortiz. The couple appeared to be the picture of bliss with their two children before Tito made allegations that she was using again. The two went through a very ugly divorce rife with accusations of domestic violence and drug use.

Now she is a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother and showed up at the premiere at the heaviest she’s ever been, though she is hardly fat. While she no longer looks like this:

Jenna Prime

she is is nowhere close to being obese. You can clearly see her collarbone and and there is no double chin. While it could be the result of surgery, the only bloat appears to be from fillers or surgery. Her face is hardly recognizable. Still a pretty woman, she looks almost disfigured. It is not clear if it is fillers that will reduce or her face being tightly pulled. But the comments all focus on her weight and not her altered face.

She slammed the haters in an Instagram post saying:

I remember when I was 90 lbs about 8 years ago bs I went through major attacks form everyone (media, friends, social media) and it felt the same as it feels being called fat or frumpy. It’s easy for me to lose weight, is it as easy for you few haters that attack me online to realize your nasty evil ways?

What do you think of Jenna Jameson being fat shamed? Did her past as a porn star gaining fame from her body make her more vulnerable to the comments or are they uncalled for? What about her face? Why is nobody talking about it? Let us know what you think here at Haveuheard.

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