Jennifer Garner Calls Off Divorce From Ben Affleck – Reconciliation in the Works?

By on August 19, 2015
'jennifer garner ben affleck reunion - call off divorce'

Is Jennifer Garner calling off the divorce from her husband of 10 years, Ben Affleck?

'jennifer garner ben affleck reunion - call off divorce'

This is a first for OK Magazine, instead of reporting false news about an alleged pregnancy (poor Jennifer Aniston has been pregnant at least ten times) or claiming another couple has hit the skids, the magazine is claiming a reconciliation is on the horizon.

Despite ‘Nanny Gate,’ where we have seen photos of Ben and the nanny together and the actor allegedly has paid for the nanny to stay at a luxury hotel, the magazine is claiming the couple are heading towards a reunion. As always, we will report the claims from the magazine but until the couple makes an announcement, we will not be endorsing the news.

The magazine is claiming because Affleck has been spotted wearing his wedding ring, he wants to remain married to Garner. The couple, who have vowed to make the divorce amicable for the children, have been spotted together in Atlanta where Garner is working on a movie, as well as, out celebrating Ben’s birthday. The couple looked miserable while out for Ben’s birthday.

According to the magazine, as a result of the pending divorce, Ben has realized he doesn’t want to lose his family. Or maybe he is trying to save his falling reputation? While the trust isn’t there for Garner (and who can blame her), she is said to be leaving the door open. Maybe she still has hope that her husband can be tamed? Between his gambling addiction, his workaholic ways and the ‘nanny gate’ incident is it even possible to regain the trust needed to stay married?

Another issue for the couple is Affleck’s inability to be a ‘family man.’ He has admitted to having a hard time staying present even when he is around and has thanked his wife publicly for her patience and for being an amazing mother to their three children, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel.

Throughout the couples 10 year marriage and Affleck saying the marriage was work during an acceptance speech for Best Picture for Argo, the couple have always been in it together for the long haul. Is it possible the couple will call the divorce off and try to make their marriage work?

The couple’s divorce announcement may be just what they needed to realize they want to stay together. They no longer have to pretend to be this happy, perfect couple. Instead they are living their life together and have been photographed just trying to get through the day, like so many other people out there. While the couple are as different as two people can be, Garner seems to be a positive influence on her husband.

What do you think – will the couple reconcile or is this news made up like so many other articles the magazine writes?

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  1. Doc Oltun

    August 22, 2015 at 11:46 am

    Suggest Jen buy and read Diane Medved’s “Case Against Divorce” Oldie but goody that helped clarify many marriages, including my own, going on 39 years and getting even better (finally). That said, Ben seems to have a lot of the self-centered, selfish, self-esteem issues that, if not being worked on actively, daily, make for a lousy partner/parent. Just my opinion. I keep copies of the book to offer to friends with kids when they start to talk divorce. Certainly shut me up way back when.

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