Jennifer Garner Ended Marriage to Ben Affleck Because of Nanny Affair

By on August 5, 2015
'jennifer garner divorced affleck because of nanny'

Jennifer Garner was on the fence as to whether or not she and her husband of 10 years, Ben Affleck, could make their marriage work. And then she found out about Affleck’s affair with the nanny and all bets were off.

'jennifer garner divorced affleck because of nanny'

According to People Magazine, Garner knew her marriage Ben Affleck was in trouble. Ben had confessed to Jen he hadn’t been “committed to the marriage,” in other words, he had stepped out on Jen and the rumors of the affairs may not have been rumors, after all. Affleck has been rumored to have had an affair with his co-star in Gone Girl, Emily Ratajkowski and Blake Lively, as well.

Remember the family vacation, they took to the Bahamas in May, immediately following the divorce announcement, it turns out the vacation was supposed to be where the couple decided their future and what they were going to do now that Ben had confessed to his lack of commitment.

Unfortunately, there was no decision to made by Garner, Affleck had made the decision for them. He had been having an affair with the couple’s nanny Christine Ouzounian for months – an allegation Affleck has denied. Garner learned of the affair in the Bahamas, removing any doubt she may have had about staying in the marriage.
Garner was furious and considered an affair with the nanny as the ultimate betrayal.

Ouzounian reportedly revealed to her friends she and Affleck were sleeping together and she would frequently meet him at Hotel Bel-Air.

In the wake of the revelation of the affair, Ouzounia seems all too happy to be “caught” by photographers, sparking rumors she was in the relationship for publicity.

What do you think about Jennifer Garner’s decision to throw in the towel following the affair with the nanny? You can’t blame her – at some point enough is enough.

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