Jon Stewart Says Good Bye to Daily Show – Leaving the World Worse Than When He Started

By on August 6, 2015
'jon stewart daily show ending in 2015'

Good bye and good luck to Jon Stewart! Stewart’s last episode as the host of The Daily Show airs tonight, August 6, 2015. Before the big finale, Stewart took to the anchor desk to discuss his amazing reign and his desire to DEFEAT THE WORLD!

'jon stewart says good bye to daily show'

Showing multiple headlines demonstrating how he “annihilated,” “crushed” and “demolished” various topics over the years. When made aware that his jokes really didn’t help to pulverize and crush topics such as ISIS, race relations and Fox News, Stewart screamed, “What the f*** is going on here? and asked the question, “The world is demonstrably worse than when I started. Have I caused this?”

Sadly, Jon didn’t cause this but his humor definitely helped when the country didn’t believe it was possible to laugh anymore.

Jon’s final guest was Louie CK. The two have known each other from the beginning when they worked together in New York City. CK now has his own show while Stewart is leaving the Daily Show. CK wished Stewart well telling him,

‘”I came on behalf of comedy — representing all comedy — just to say, ‘Good job,’”

Stewart’s final top secret show will air at its usual time at 11pm, but the half hour show has no end time slotted and is reportedly up to 50 minutes. With any luck it will be an all night marathon and maybe never end. Saying goodbye to funny man Jon Stewart, before the 2016 Presidential Election takes place, is really a crime. Maybe he’ll do what David Letterman did and return, even if it’s for a moment, to mock Donald Trump. It looks like we may need a television special for Letterman and Stewart to discuss the election.

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