Kelly Osbourne Calls Giuliana Rancic a Liar-Blames Her For View Backlash

By on August 24, 2015
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It looks like war between former Fashion Police co-hosts Kelly Osbourne and Giuliana Rancic. The pair engaged in some verbal scuffling after Rancic made a joke about Zendaya smelling like “patchouli oil.” Osbourne refused to defend Rancic after her joke was called racist. Rancic apologized profusely blaming the writers and editing before expressing her genuine remorse over what she meant as a joke.

Fashion Police appeared to be in danger as Osbourne and Kathy Griffin both left the show and made cryptic statements which many believed were aimed at Rancic. Then Osbourne had her own race troubles when she appeared on The View. Osbourne attempted her own joke at presidential candidate Donald Trump’s expense except her joke fell as flat as Rancic’s patchouli joke.

Osbourne brought up Trump’s plan to kick out illegal immigrants saying, “If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilets, Donald Trump?”


The View co-hosts were clearly bothered by Osbourne’s attempt at humor. So were many on social media who blasted her joke as racist. Osbourne later took to social media to apologize for her “poor choice of words.” Raven Simone and Rosie Perez did something Osbourne refused to do for Rancic. They backed up her apology with Perez taking the blame for reacting too quickly and for overreacting.

It is interesting that Osbourne hoped people would understand she used a poor choice of words and that, in her own words, she “f-cked up,” yet she was unable to show that same understanding to Rancic who bent over backwards apologizing.

Maybe there was some other drama brewing between the two because Osbourne is at it again blaming Rancic for the backlash she faced over her comments on The View. Osbourne then went on a lengthy diatribe about Rancic while at the NYX Face Awards. She addressed the controversy and her backlash to US Weekly saying, “Do you know why? Because of people like Guiliana Rancic.”

Osbourne’s rant continued, “Don’t blame me for other people’s mistakes. I wasn’t edited. It wasn’t a premeditated attack. And if I watched it, I’d hate me too. So I have no problem, and I should do whatever I have to, to make it right. But don’t compare me to her.”

She then told The Wrap, “I will never admit to liking Giuliana because I don’t. I don’t think she’s a good person and I think she’s a liar.”

Rancic’s last day as an E! News co-host was on August 11 and she has been working hard to remain in the public eye though she seems to be resisting any urges to strike back at Osbourne or throw any I told you so’s her way.

What do you think about Kelly Osbourne blaming Giuliana Rancic for the backlash over her joke? Is she being hypocritical? What’s really going on between those two? Let us know what you think here at Haveuheard.

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