Kelly Rutherford Heartbroken After She is Forced to Turn Over Kids

By on August 11, 2015

Kelly Rutherford was devastated after a judge in New York City ordered her to turn over her children to be returned to Monaco. She was supposed to fly the kids back last week but she refused at the last minute, claiming no state was protecting her children.

Her ex, Daniel Giersch called her attempt to retain custody, “abduction” and sought immediate justice. Kelly showed up in court today, late and without the children, angering the judge. The judge shut her down when she offered an explanation, refusing to listen to her. Her attorney let the judge know that the kids were within ten minutes of the courthouse stating they had hoped to spare the kids from the media frenzy surrounding the acrimonious case.

Daniel Giersch did not appear in court. Instead his mother was there. She said it was to care for the children during the proceedings. The judge barred the press from the courtroom while they sorted out the latest chapter in the custody saga.

Kelly Rutherford Kids

Some legal experts considered Kelly Rutherford’s move risky though they wondered if it would finally force the State Department to get involved. The children are United States citizens and Kelly has held strong to her belief that they have a right to live in the country in which they are citizens.

The children’s father was awarded custody after he had to leave the country in 2012 over a visa issue. Kelly was forced to travel back and forth to Monaco to see the kids or to bring them back to the U.S. for her parenting time. The cost of the traveling as well as the lengthy court battle was a financial hardship causing her to file for bankruptcy.

She stated many times that she will continue to fight for her children. When courts in NYC and Los Angeles decided that they did not have jurisdiction she took matters into her own hands and refused to fly Hermes and Helena back to Monaco after their summer visitation in NY.

It was not a move that worked out well for her. A judge in NYC ordered her to hand the kids over to their grandmother to be returned to Monaco. According to some reports the children left immediately for the airport with their grandmother.

Daniel Giersch, through his lawyer, expressed gratitude to the American judicial system while also saying nothing has changed for him in regards to Kelly’s parenting time with their children.

Kelly was seen leaving the courthouse looking crushed. She broke down in tears telling waiting reporters, “I have no words.”

The couple will face off in court again on September 3, this time in Monaco.

What do you think about Kelly Rutherford being forced to give her children back? Did she make the right move refusing to send them back or will it hurt her future chances? Let us know what you think here at Haveuheard.

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  1. Ginie Oka

    August 11, 2015 at 9:54 pm

    Why should two beautiful children be forced to live in another country , raised by others when they have a loving mother who lives in their own country? Why should a mother and her children suffer because their father was forced out of the US due to visa issues? Please allow Kelly and her children to be together for good. Where is justice for her kids.? They deserve to see their mother and live in their country. It is their right as citizens of this land.

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