Kevin Bacon Calls for More Male Nudity – Asks to #freethebacon with a Photo on Twitter

By on August 5, 2015

Kevin Bacon is calling for more male nudity in Hollywood.


In a video released by Mashable, the actor is taking a stand and demanding to #freethebacon.

Bacon beings by saying,

“There’s a big problem in Hollywood today. In so many films and tv shows we see gratuitous female nudity and that’s not okay. It’s not fair to actresses and actors because we want to be naked. Gentlemen, it’s time to free your bacon and by bacon we mean your weiner, your balls, your butt.”

He calls out Game of Thrones for all of their nudity and even offers to play a naked wizard on the show. He asked them, “How hard would it be to just show one or two wieners every couple of minutes? This is an issue of gender equality. Let me be on the show, c’mon! I’ll play a naked wizard or something.”

Bacon also requested that 50 Shades of Grey actor, Jamie Dornan take off his pants and offered an idea to Marvel for a new superhero. Coincidentally the superhero is him and he claims to “have an infinity stone on the tip of my wiener.”

Bacon claims to have tried to get him in all his glory on film, unfortunately since it’s an animated film, they requested he put on his pants.

Kevin’s final request is for everyone to tweet out #freethebacon along with a photo of his genitals. He is then told you should not do that and walks off the set.

Apparently, the request was a bit too late since Lenny Kravitz #freedthebacon during a concert in Sweden and the gif of the photo and the video both went viral.

What do you think about Kevin Bacon asking people to #freethebacon? What do you think prompted the video? Besides getting a good laugh of course.

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