How Much Does Kim Kardashian and Other Celebs Make For their Tweets, Instagram Posts

By on August 13, 2015

In light of the Food and Drug Administration stepping in and forcing Kim Kardashian to remove a post from Instagram where she wrote about a pregnancy drug she was taking to help with her morning sickness, Have U Heard decided to take a look around and see how much celebrities make on social media. Let’s just say it pays to be a celebrity with a lot of fans.


Hotei Media represents advertisers and content creators who post on Social Media. The company came up with an estimate of how much celebrities make per tweet and with more than 34 million twitter followers, Kim Kardashian makes an estimate of $200,000 per tweet. Yes – more than what most people make in a year.

Other people who made the list include:

Mike Tyson – $3,250 per tweet
Kendra Wilkenson – $7,800 per tweet
Khloe Kardashian – $13,000 per tweet
Paris Hiltion – $80,000 per tweet
Kim Kardashian – $200,000 per tweet

Surprisingly, even Paris Hilton who “only” has 13 million followers on Twitter makes $80K per tweet.

The next time you see a post on Instagram with a celebrity smiling away with a bottle of water or tweeting about an amazing new product – remember they are making money off of selling you the product of the day.

Kardashian, who made $28 million in 2014, is selective about what she will and won’t post on Social Media. In a recent interview the reality star said her feed on Instagram was off-limit when it comes to promoting products. Clearly – she wasn’t speaking the truth. Surprised? Kardashian told Ad Week

“I know a lot of my brands might get frustrated that I don’t promote maybe as much as they would like, but I only do it if it’s authentic.”

She claimed if she is photographed with a product, it’s not because she gets paid. And that is why the FDA took down her post she was paid for by a drug company? She clearly gets paid and quite handsomely. Will she continue to promote products through Instagram? Give her a couple of months – the money is too good to turn down for so little work. She’s taking selfies anyway – all she needs to do is throw a product in and cha ching!!

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