Kim Kardashian Posts Twin Photo of Kylie Jenner – Side by Side Photo Proves They Are The Same Person

By on August 3, 2015

Kim Kardashian has taken to Instagram to prove she and her younger sister, Kylie Jenner, are actually the same person.

Kim posted a photo to Instagram where she split the photo with the left half of her face and the right side of Kylie’s face. It is safe to say – they look very alike – so alike that they can easily be confused for each other. The only caption Kim posted with the photo was Kim x Kylie. She left the rest up to the one million people who liked the photo and commented on it to decide. While most of the comments were simple ‘yeah they look alike,’ there was the occasional nasty comments about the lip fillers saying, ‘Yeah true..too much of fake lips ?’

Kylie Jenner has slowly morphed into her older sister through the help of plastic surgery and make up. The soon to be 18 year old came under fire when she denied having any type of enhancements. She later confessed to having lip fillers on the reality series, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” saying she was afraid to admit the truth for fear of how the public would react. Being an insecure teen who grew up on television can’t be easy.

Kim also posted a photo of her and her other sister, Kendall Jenner, with the caption Kim x Kendall. While the sisters look alike, not nearly as much as the Kim and Kendall.

While Kylie had expressed feeling insecure in the past, she clearly is coming to terms with her fame and her looks. She recently posted a photo of her butt claiming it is the result of Pure Leef, a product claiming to “help women safely enhance, slim and shape their bodies.” She captioned the photo, “I love sharing my beauty secrets with you guys and this is a favorite!” The teen came under fire for posting the photo, with a number of people questioning whether she was getting paid for the endorsement. The company has denied any affiliation with the young Jenner.

What do you think of Kim posting the photo of her and Kylie? Do you think she is sending a message to Kylie – maybe telling her she has achieved her goal of looking just like her?

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