Kim Kardashian Threatens to Remove Perez Hilton From Game-It’s War

By on August 14, 2015
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Kim Kardashian is fuming over gossip blogger Perez Hilton’s call for the media to go Kardashian free for a week. Perez stated he’s tired of the constant Kardashian coverage and is calling for a Kardashian Kleanze urging other media outlets to follow his lead. He made an announcement on Twitter saying:

To my fellow media: Can we take a Kardashian break? At least for a week? No Kardashian coverage this coming Mon-Fri? Will anyone going me???

He followed that up on his blog writing:

Do U ever feel like there’s just TOO MUCH Kardashian news out there????? Well if so, then you’re in luck, because will not be posting a single story about the Keeping Up With The Kardashians family for an entire week!!!

He isn’t limiting it to just the Kardashian family. He will extend his ban to:

All Kardashians, Jenners and their boyfriends/husbands/exes! Their kids too!!!

Savvy move? Or a war he can’t win? Forget their reality show that follows their everyday lives. The media follows everything that their show covers and everything it doesn’t. It is impossible to turn on the television, computer, smart phone, or even shop at the grocery store without being bombarded with images of the Kardashian family. They have gotten rich from their show and the constant media coverage, and gotten a lot of others rich as well, including Perez.

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Kim, for her part, is fighting back. Proving that she loves every minute of the constant spotlight she has stopped following him on Twitter and is now threatening to remove him from her game. She set up her own poll asking fans:

Do you love Perez Hilton, Yes or No you’d like to see him removed from the KKH game? Vote now

Of course Perez loves her response relishing the fact that he was even in the game at all saying, “I’m living for this!” He got his start sitting in coffee shops doodling over celebrity images for his blog. He built that into a gossip empire becoming one of the most famous celeb gossip blogs even making friends with many that he covered. He was often accused of being mean and was called out by Jennifer Aniston in a parking garage for some of the mean comments he often wrote about her. He claimed the incident changed him and realized that what he was doing was bullying.

That isn’t stopping him from declaring war on the Kardashians. Essentially that is what he’s doing when he is trying to start a movement limiting their media coverage. He had a brief beef with Kris Jenner months ago when her ex Caitlyn Jenner came out as trans. Perez pointed out her absence in the Diane Sawyer special. She responded swiftly telling him, “FU,” letting the Twitter world know that she was watching the special with the entire family.

What do you think of Perez’s Kleanze? Can the world go Kardashian free for a week? Will Kim go into withdrawals if the paparazzi stop pursuing her? Let us know what you think here at Haveuheard.

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