Kim Richards After Shoplifting Arrest-Where is She?

By on August 10, 2015
'kim richards drunk at daughter's wedding'

Kim Richards has been the subject of conflicting reports after her recent shoplifting arrest. Some claim she was checked into a Los Angeles area hospital with her family begging a judge to authorize a 5150 hold. Newer reports claim Kim has been seen out and about in the LA area.

Kim’s struggles were well documented on last season’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Her sobriety was called into question early on and became the primary storyline leading to an explosive confrontation between Kim and fellow Housewife Lisa Rinna. The reunion special became heated with the Housewives all accusing Kim of falling off the wagon, something she vehemently denied.

Shortly after the episode aired she was arrested at the Polo Lounge in the famous Beverly Hills Hotel. Hotel staff called the police after Kim became combative with other guests. She locked herself in a bathroom and later kicked responding police officers. Despite her public fall, she still refused to enter treatment.


It was only after creating a scene at her daughter Brooke’s wedding and then disappearing in Mexico did she finally seek treatment. Previously Dr. Phil had offered to foot the bill if she’d allow him to choose the facility, an offer she turned down. Her refusal led her to a treatment center of her choice, one Brandi Glanville compared to a Four Seasons.

Kim checked out after 30 days but, as her shoplifting arrest proves, appears to still be struggling. At first sources in her camp attempted to explain away the shoplifting incident as a mistake while sources in her family’s camp claimed to be worried about the fallen reality star.

TMZ obtained pictures of the items she allegedly attempted to steal from the Target store in Van Nuys. Among the items were things from their dollar bins, pencils, coloring books, animal crackers, beauty items, and a Conair mirror. Was she making craft and beauty bags for kiddies?

According to sources in Target she attempted to steal not just one shopping cart, but two. She loaded items into reusable shopping bags and then brought the first cart to an express check-out but continued to walk without paying, telling the clerk the items had already been paid for. She then went back for a second cart, loaded it up without putting any items into a bag, and walked out. Security waited until she was a few feet from the store before security went after her. She reportedly told them she was unsure if she paid for the items or not.

While some reports claim she was later hospitalized others now say she is not in the hospital or any type of treatment center causing concern for her loved ones. With ex-husband Monty Brinson close to death, they worry his death will do to her. Will it set her off into even more of a downward spiral, and is that even possible.

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