Are Kris Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence the Latest Celeb Couple?

By on August 22, 2015

What’s going on between Kris Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence? When did those two start hanging out, let alone, hanging out in bed together?! Kris Jenner shared a pic on Instagram of the two intertwined in bed together. Both are wearing black, and shoes on the bed, while Jenner looks surprised as she holds her hand over her mouth. J Law looks caught. They are both reading 20th century literature, typical party fare. What’s up with that?

Apparently the photo was a goof taken by Jenner’s boy toy Corey Gamble at a belated birthday celebration for Lawrence, who had turned 25 on August 15. The caption written by the famous momager must have been tongue in cheek or some kind of inside joke because she calls Lawrence a “piece of sh-t,” while remembering to use the hashtag #momager. Nothing says friendship like a properly placed hashtag.

The full caption reads:

Happy Birthday you piece of sh-t…God I love you #Jenniferlawrence thanks for making this night a night to remember…even if we did get caught…I love you Happy Birthday Gorgeous!!! #Bible #momager #doll. Photo red @coreygamble

Who knew that the two were such close friends or that they even knew one another though Kim Kardashian laughed during a press junket in LA about a run in she had with Lawrence in New York City. They ran into each other and said hello. Kim continued on to the elevator and as the doors were closing she claims Lawrence screamed across the lobby, “I love your show.” She thought it was hysterically funny.

'jennifer lawrence moving in with chris martin'

Jennifer Lawrence has been known to be down to earth despite being an Academy Award winning actress who was also in one of the hottest movie series based on The Hunger Games novels. She manages to balance a career as a serious actress, a fan favorite playing Katniss, and now keeping up with those Kardashians. Oh, and don’t forget the hot bodyguard as well as her smoking romance with Coldplay frontman and Gwyneth Paltrow ex, Chris Martin.

If Lawrence marries Martin does this mean Kris Jenner will be her matron of honor? Will Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney be throwing her bridal shower? Will it be taped for Keeping Up With the Kardashians? Oh, so many questions!

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