Miley Cyrus Opening Monologue 2015 Video Music Awards VMA’s

By on August 30, 2015
'miley cyrus vma'

Miley Cyrus hosted the Video Music Awards on August 30, 2015 at the Microsoft Center in Los Angeles.

'miley cyrus vma'

Cyrus got mixed reviews for her monologue with some fans from Twitter saying they loved it, while others claimed they were yawning. Cyrus is known for her crazy antics – from her very own VMA performances to her Instagram account, to her barely there clothing. While there were no crazy antics, there were some good jokes and poking fun at herself, bringing on plenty of laughter.

The hostess revealed her entire family was in the audience, including her father, Billy Ray Cyrus. She warned the audience “if it’s anything like Christmas, just be prepared for a fist fight down in the audience.” Sounds like most normal families.

In addition, Cyrus joked the only reason MTV hired her to host the Video Music Awards, since they haven’t had a host in two years, was to keep her from performing. She was referring to the twerking incident where she and Robin Thicke got very raunchy on stage, sparking outrage among viewers everywhere.

Miley hasn’t released an album in a year and said she decided to focus her attention on Instagram this year, instead of her fans. If you thought her Instagram account was just another outlet for Cyrus, you are wrong. Miley has a team of people who help with the social media account. She told the audience,

“When it comes to my posts, everybody thinks that I just come up with some crazy ass sh*t and just post it, but it’s actually a lot more involved than that.” she then showed a spoof video called “Miley’s Instagram Think Tank,” which featured the pop star being advised by a team of experts about how to post the best Instagram shots.

Cyrus gave a shout out to the those musicians who would be performing including Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, and A$AP Rocky.

We have the video of the monologue below – check it out and let us know how you think Miley did as the host of the Video Music Awards. She was definitely tame for Miley Cyrus but we think she did a great job!

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