One Direction Talks Zayn Leaving the Band, Louie’s Baby and Performs in NYC Central Park

By on August 4, 2015
'one direction performs on GMA 2015'

One Direction appeared on Good Morning America for a Summer Concert where they spoke about Zayn, Louis Tomlinson expecting a baby and more before performing their newest hit single, Drag Me Down.

'one direction performs on GMA 2015'

Zayn Malik left the hit boy band back in March but is very supportive of the band, even tweeting how proud he of ‘his boys and the new single.’ Sending them big love, as well.  When asked how it felt to be a band of four, rather than five they said,  “obviously it’s different, but they are still strong and things are going great.”

As for why One Direction decided to release their newest hit, Drag Me Down in the middle of the night? They said they thought it would be fun, rather than doing their usual lead up to the song and of course, it’s the middle of the day somewhere

As for what fans can expect from the newest album? Liam said, “It’s eclectic, ” with Louie making fun of his big vocabulary. Liam also said, “We took a lot of older inspirations from older artists.”

When asked what they do with their down time, they said they are pretty boring.

Fans waited in the rain for two days to get a look at One Direction. Screaming for the boys, how do they handle the screaming? They said they love it, it’s great.

Michael Strahan congratulated Louie on the news he is having a baby and Louie commented on how it is a very exciting time for him.

The heartthrob of the group was very quiet but did take the time to thank the fans and said he was continually surprised by their dedication.

The band sang their hit songs, Steal My Girl, Story of My Life in addition to Drag Me Down.  As always, the fans made up primarily of girls sang along with them when they weren’t screaming and crying.

If you happened to miss the performance, we have it for you below:

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