Paula Deen Will Be Dancing With the Stars – Ready For Her Comeback?

By on August 26, 2015

Paula Deen is finally making her comeback two years after being forced off of The Food Network and losing endorsements. The southern hostess with the hostess will be showing she can two-step with the best of them on the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars.

Deen suffered a humiliating fall from grace when she was sued by a former employee who had accused her of being a racist. She was forced to admit using the N word several years earlier after she was a victim of a robbery. She defended herself against the racism charge claiming she had not used the word in years and that her use of the word was a result of her upbringing in the south.


Her defense was rejected by many who did not think her use of the word, no matter how long before, was acceptable or something to be forgiven. She was dropped by The Food Network and many retailers discontinued her line. Her public dumping ruined a career that had become very lucrative for her.

Deen’s recipes had been criticized for because they were high in fat and sugar. Many called her recipes unhealthy especially after she wrote a cookbook in which suggested kids eat cheesecake for breakfast and chocolate cake at lunch. She was slammed for making such suggestions as more Americans were becoming obese.

Adding to that controversy was her disclosure that she suffered from Type 2 Diabetes. Her disclosure came after she became a paid spokesperson for a company that markets medication for those afflicted with Type 2 Diabetes. Meanwhile she had still been promoting her cookbooks and recipes that many believed were unhealthy.

Deen dropped out of the public eye for almost a year before announcing that she was going to be starting her own online cooking network. Just as it seemed her comeback was beginning she posted a photo of her son Bobby in brownface on Twitter. It was an odd post for someone trying to distance herself from charges that she was a racist.

She turned down Dancing With the Stars last season because she didn’t believe it was the proper forum. Maybe she has changed her mind and believes that she will be dancing her way to a comeback. What do you think of Paula Deen joining Dancing With the Stars? Let us know here at Haveuheard.

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