Photo of Princess Diana and Princess Charlotte Photoshopped Goes Viral

By on August 20, 2015
'princess diana attends princess charlotte's christening'

A photoshopped picture of Princess Diana looking over Princess Charlotte at her christening, while being held by the Duchess of Cambridge has gone viral and for good reason!

'princess diana attends princess charlotte's christening'

Looking remarkably real, the photo shows Kate carrying her daughter into the service at St Magdalene Church in Sandringham with Diana peering down at the baby with her hands folded. The image was taken from a photo of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa in 1997. Diana was bending down with her hands clasped together while speaking to Mother Teresa.

The photo has gone viral with hundreds of thousands of shares and comments varied calling it beautiful and creepy.

It is ironic that Duchess Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte and Princess Diana are all wearing the same color in the photo, making it appear as though it was a planned photo op.

The Duchess of Cambridge was noticeably absent from a recent wedding, with her husband taking her sister Pippa in her place. Since this has become more of a common practice with Kate Middleton since her son, George, was born, it is creating buzz among the Royal watchers. Middleton has missed several weddings of people close to William, and has even missed a funeral. Prior to her wedding she attended dozens of weddings with her then fiancee. The couple seemed inseparable. Kate has been completely absent from the social scene since the birth of her son, leaving her fans wondering if she is anti-social and what could be the cause of her missing the important social functions.

Now that Kate Middleton has two children, will she be seen even less. Is she taking the role of mother over her role as royalty?

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