Pretty Little Liars Recap 8/4/15 Season 6 Episode 9 – Last Dance

By on August 4, 2015
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Pretty Little Liars is down to the one week mark until we find out who A is. Next week on the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars we will come face to face with A, but before then we’ve got to get through the #PLLProm. Last week’s episode set this week’s episode up with the girls talking about prom and their expectations but also their limitations. We found out that due to recent events, the girls prom was on lock down and pretty darn close to not even happening, but as we all know A always gets what A wants and A wants the girls at their prom. Previously on Pretty Little Liars, Charles proved that he was not messing around with the girls and wanted them to know that they were his, and he wants them back. A sent Tanner a direct message about the girls not being in his care anymore and Tanner having save them. This leads us to believe that Charles wants his dolls back and will stop at nothing until they are his, no matter how close they get to revealing his identity. You can read all about last week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars HERE!


On tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, it’s prom time and Charles wants them to save him the last dance. Everyone in Rosewood is primping their hair, steaming their dresses and applying the best makeup and accessories, all but our precious PLL’s as they have been banned from the school prom due to security issues. While the backfire from not being allowed to prom weighs heavy on the girls, the PLL momma’s team up together to give the girls an at home prom just to be able to remember a good night away from all the A drama. At first, the girls are hesitant to have the at home prom but finally commit to it to make the best of a bad situation but as always Charles is just around the corner and waiting to make this a night to remember, or one to forget. As the girls try to enjoy their night, the PLL mom’s use this time to catch up everything that has happened to their girls over the course of the years.

Keep reading for tonight’s recap!

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