Princess Diana Remembered on the 18th Anniversary of Her Death

By on August 30, 2015

It has been 18 years since Princess Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris but her life and death are still the subject of gossip and scrutiny as the world remembers the woman who wanted to be the “people’s princess.”

The world fell in love with a young Lady Di, the picture of wholesome innocence, an ideal candidate to marry an older prince under pressure to marry and provide an heir. Some believed that the woman who loved dancing to Michael Jackson on her Walkman would relieve some of the stuffiness of a prince who appeared to prefer talking to his plants. While many wanted to believe fairytales come true there were cracks in the facade even before the marriage.

A reporter asked the couple if they were in love. A glowing Diana gushed, “of course,” while Charles responded, “whatever in love means.” They became engaged and the public’s fascination with Diana grew. There was talk that she loved the attention though there were also reports that she was struggling with it as well. Diana later admitted to having her own doubts but went through with it after it was pointed out that “her face was already on the tea towels.”


Millions of people worldwide watched as Diana walked down the aisle the aisle of St. Paul’s Cathedral in an elaborate silk and taffeta gown by David and Elizabeth Emanuel and later as the couple kissed on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Charles and Diana provided the requisite heir and the spare, at times looking happy, but unable to escape the gossip often coming from behind the scenes that the marriage was breaking down. Rumors persisted that Charles was cheating with an old flame, Camilla Parker Bowles with some sources claiming that Diana called her, “the rotweiler” while Camilla referred to Diana as “that ridiculous thing.”

Andrew Morton released a book that many believed the princess was behind. While Diana assured the Queen that she had nothing to do with the book it later came out that she had been meeting privately with Morton in attempt to get her side of the story out.

Despite the persistent gossip the news that the couple decided to separate stunned the world. It was after Diana gave an interview to Martin Bashir talking about Charles and Camilla’s affair and saying that she never saw herself becoming queen, that her mother-in-law decided enough was enough and told the couple to get a divorce already.

The couple engaged in a public relations battle which Charles was desperately losing. Diana was the most photographed woman in the world. Posing for photos with victims of HIV or walking in minefields in Angola only added to the adoration.

Outside of everything else though Diana will always be remembered as being a loving and doting mother. While some believed the endless photos of her doing fun things with her boys was an attempt to one-up the stuffier Charles in public, she shared a very close relationship with her sons and wanted to give them as much normalcy as possible. She took them to fast food restaurants and theme parks where she was seen riding a log flume with Wills and Harry.

Her hands-on approach and desire to be a present parent is seen in the way Prince William is now raising his kids. He is said to be trying to bring as much normalcy into the lives of his two children as possible even requesting, as Charles and Di did for him, that the press back off of private moments and allow the kids some time to be private kids.

The world mourned along with William and Harry when Diana’s car crashed while being chased by the paparazzi. It took two hours to transport her to a hospital because her injuries were so severe but doctors were unable to save her.

Just as in life, the gossip didn’t end with her death. The rumor mill started up immediately. Stories spring up even 18 years later claiming she was pregnant with Dodi Fayed’s child. There has been much speculation that her death was engineered by the royal family because she had become and embarrassment. Queen Elizabeth was criticized for not offering public comments on Diana’s death and for not oredering flags to be flown at half-staff. The public still could not get enough of the Diana gossip.

18 years later the iconic princess was photoshopped into a picture looking over her granddaughter, Charlotte. The photo went viral as the world cannot get enough of Diana or ever truly get over her loss.

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