Is A Reconciliation in the Works For Kourtney and Scott?

By on August 23, 2015

Has Kourtney Kardashian cooled down enough to let her wayward ex Scott Disick come home? Did he crawl? Was it all of the photos she posted of her smoking hot post-baby bod? Or is Scott just visiting their three kids in the place they are most comfortable?

The Lord

Scott, the self-proclaimed Lord, posted a shot of his feet up poolside at the couple’s Calabasas home looking quite comfy and not like the typical visiting dad. He posted the shot with a caption reading, “Chill time.”

He had also posted a precious shot of his sleeping daughter with the caption, “Love coming home and seeing my little girl napping and looking this cute!”


Coming home? As in coming home and not visiting the home of my baby mama? Does this mean Scott is working his way back into the Kardashian fold? This break-up has been the longest split between the couple. They’ve had a tumultuous relationship from the beginning with Scott’s drinking and rumors that he had a wandering eye.

Kourtney opened up about the difficulty of dealing with Scott’s drinking while expressing her love and a desire to support him. That was until pictures popped up over 4th of July weekend with him looking a little too cozy with a former girlfriend. There was only so much support Kourtney was going to offer her baby daddy. She reportedly had enough and felt his public displays were too much to bear. For his part Scott didn’t exactly rush home when the pictures surfaced. Instead he continued his partying staying away from Kourt and the kids for at least a month.

While there was talk about it being nothing new for the sparring couple, Kourtney hired Laura Wasser, the disso-queen to represent her in what looked like an epic custody battle. Instead of salacious secrets being leaked, Kourtney became more of a social media presence often being seen with her sisters looking happy, and hot. More recently she posted bikini pics of herself in St. Bart’s while vacationing with her family.

Has Kourtney been making sure Scott knows what he’s been missing or is she just moving on? Is Scott realizing what he’s lost and working his way back home? Will the couple reconcile again or are they really over? Let us know what you think here at Haveuheard.

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