Simon Cowell Supports One Direction’s Hiatus

By on August 27, 2015
'one direction performs on GMA 2015'

'one direction performs on GMA 2015'

Teen girls around the world may be broken hearted but Simon Cowell thinks that One Direction taking a break is really a good thing. If you think about it, they need to see how they can stand on their own in the music industry, much like NSYNC. Plus, with break-ups and a baby on the way, it only makes sense that they decompress from this fandom before they explode. Cowell was actually the one to bring the five gents together and he has done pretty well for himself. But I cannot help but wonder how much bigger of a payday he will get if the remaining four go their own ways…just for a short time. Zayn Malik has already officially hung up his 1D gear in what was a very sad day for young hearts all over the world.

Come March 2016, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Hawthorne will go pursue their own projects and Cowell thinks that this is perfect timing as he chatted about the break during press for “The X Factor.” The former “American Idol” judge had this to say: “I’ve known for a while that they were going to take this year off. They had to because of their workload. I did what I’ve always done with the guys and said you make your own decisions and I hope you stay together, but you’ve got to want to do it yourself so they’re smart guys, they’ll work it out.”

He seems to have a lot of faith in the group of young menĀ  and is hopeful that they will get back together as he went on to add: “I hope so, but like I said, it’s not going to be because of any pressure from me. It really has to be, like we said in the beginning, this is an opportunity, you won it, and I’ve always had that attitude with them. They’re nice guys and they’re loyal so it’ll be fine. Look, even though they’re young, that is a gruelling schedule and after a while I could see they were exhausted, so when they said, ‘How do you feel about it?’ I said, ‘Do whatever you want.’ Having a year off is going to be a healthy thing.” We wish them the best and think that it is amazing that they have Simon’s support. What do you think? Do you think that they will get back together or stay apart? Let us know!

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