Taylor Swift Gives Back to School Advice to Nervous Student Who Was Feeling Alone

By on August 10, 2015
'Taylor Swift Restraining Order'

Taylor Swift may be a musical icon with millions of fans, but she is also someone who is easy to relate to. So when a fan wrote on her tumbler page she was nervous about going back to school and feeling alone, Swift jumped in and gave her much needed advice.

'taylor swift shake it off video'

Swift explained to the fan that while we have to go through life not knowing what’s next and it may be scary, it is also the wildest, most thrilling part of life. She assures the fan things WILL get better.

Swift responded with the following comment saying,

“I hate that you’re feeling this way and it’s so hard not to dwell on our fears and doubts, because we want spoilers for how it’s going to turn out…but in reality, we just have to go through life not knowing what’s next. It’s scary but it’s also the wildest, most thrilling part of life.” She continued, “Just when you think it’s going to get worse, it could get better instead. It WILL, Swift continued. “…Knowing your worth sometimes comes without any proof at all. You’re worth more than flaky friends and people who dismiss you or underestimate you.  Sometimes it seems like that’s all you get, but it’s not all you’ll ever get. Believe that. Love you.”

Taylor Swift is known for treating her fans with respect and being there for them when they are in need. She also loves to surprise them sends gifts to her fans, saying, she feels sad when she isn’t sending gifts to her fans. Swift even had fans star in her music video, “Shake it Off.”

Another artist who is crazy about her fans and treats them amazingly is Nicki Minaj, who recently posted a video of her fans being pushed away from her by the police. Nicki was less than happy with how they were treated and wanted to take a photo with the fans as much as they wanted to take a photo with her.

What do you think about Taylor’s advice for Back to School? And life in general. Definitely helpful right???

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