Taylor Swift Tells Calvin Harris ‘I Love You’ During Concert?

By on August 26, 2015
'taylor swift wins milestone award at cma's'

Taylor Swift has been busy performing for her 1989 Tour all over the country. It was during one of her final shows in Los Angeles on Tuesday, August 25, 2015 when she said the words so many of her fans have waited to her. Swift mouthed the words, ‘I Love You,’ to her boyfriend, Calvin Harris, before exiting the stage.

'taylor swift wins milestone award at cma's'

Of course, we are all assuming the words she mouthed were ‘I love you,’ and we are all assuming the words were meant for her boyfriend, Calvin Harris. Caught on camera phones everywhere, the video, shows the singer waving to the crowd and ending her show with her hit song, “Shake it Off,” before Swift curtsied and mouthed the words “I love you.” While the mouthed words could be meant for anyone – including the audience, her mom or one of Swift’s friends, it was Harris who was spotted at the end of the runway leading people everywhere to assume the couple have taken their romance to the next level.

When the video was posted on Tumblr, Swift liked the video. Is that confirmation from the singer herself that the she did mouth the words “I love you” to Harris.

The couple first started dating in the beginning of the year and went public shortly after. Harris recently spoke about being in the public eye and the relationship saying, “It’s not like every single time we go out, we get a photograph taken of us, that’s not the case. For me it could be a lot worse and I’d still be like insanely happy with her so I’m good with it.” It looks like Taylor is happy with you too Calvin.

We have the video below – check it out and let us know your thoughts. Did Taylor say, ‘I love you,’ and was she speaking to Harris? You be the judge.

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