Teen Wolf Recap Season 5 8/24/2015 “Status Asthmaticus”

By on August 25, 2015

Just like this season and Stiles’ sanity, the jeep is on its last legs. Stiles continues to be isolated from the others, riding around with his bloody murder weapon while the season too is coming to a close. Stiles pulls over to the side of the road when his vehicle starts to give out. His tool kit reminds him of everything he has done and yet he still can’t throw away the bloody wrench that started his rift with Scott – at first. He ends up abusing the only thing that has stuck with him this entire time – his beloved jeep. Though just like everyone else, his jeep seems to be abandoning him too.

After refusing to bite Hayden to save her from alleged mercury poisoning, Scott sends for his mother to provide a more orthodox medical treatment. Scott doesn’t think that the bite will save her but Liam has other ideas. Melissa tries her best to extract the mercury from Hayden’s system, but has to do it on her own in the basement of the hospital.

Theo continues to be creepy and weird and has too much facial hair for a teenager. But that’s to be expected when he’s been playing one since 2011. (Remember Mike Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars?)

Lydia finally figures out that Parrish is a Hellhound, not that it matters since it’s been dragged out so much and rules of the supernatural don’t really apply to anyone anymore. Parrish is a harbinger of death, apparently like Lydia, but not much more can be said about it since that’s all the information that is revealed. Theo happens upon her in the library when she realizes someone is about to die. Theo is weird and clearly evil in some amorphous way so he backhands her before she can tell anyone. Why? We just don’t know. Will we ever? Doubtful.

Stiles, the smart little cookie that he is, knows well enough to stop the officers at the sheriff’s department from shooting Parrish when his harbinger nature kicks in again and goes to collect the next dead chimera. He was being held at the station for the protection of others but walks out when his instincts kick in. Stiles tells everyone to stay out of his way, still the protector of humanity and supernatural beings alike.

Finally at the end of the first half of the season, a whopping one question is answered. Theo is the first and only chimera to be a success. While he is part coyote and part werewolf, he is still no true alpha like Scott. After separating Scott from the group, Theo traps him in a circle of mountain ash, something no supernatural being should be able to pass. The rules do not apply to Theo, as the entire season has suggested this whole time. He wants to keep Scott there for the “Super Moon” where werewolves are stronger than normal full moons. But if Scott wants to escape the mountain ash – something he has done before – wouldn’t the super moon make him strong enough to do so?

While trying to escape, Scott realizes that using his inhaler has been making him weaker. Theo dosed it with wolfsbane. Influenced by this Super Moon, Liam comes to kill Scott. If Liam were to kill his alpha, he would become the next alpha and be able to save Hayden with the werewolf bite. But that would also mean Theo could kill Liam and become the true alpha, something that he seemed to want this whole time.

Theo corners Stiles after trapping Scott, again trying to blackmail him. His vision for his pack includes the banshee, the werecoyote and Void Stiles. But Scott is and always will be too pure of heart to be chosen for the pack of Theo’s dark design. Theo’s entire intention was to drive the pack apart. He will tell Stiles what he did to the sheriff if he promises not to help Scott. If Stiles is still feeling the effects of what the dark kitsune did to hime two seasons ago, it’s only just become apparent now as he attacks Theo.

Hayden dies without her sister by her side like she wanted and with Liam still fighting Scott for the power of the alpha to save her. She is completely alone except for an overworked human nurse who can do nothing more to help her. Mason, the new voice for humanity, comes to see Liam beating up Scott. He came to get Liam before Hayden died. Somehow Mason already knows that she’s dead even though it just happened, but the result is the same. Liam snaps out of his Super Moon rage.

In the end, Stiles chooses his father as he always does. No one really could have thought it would go any other way. He runs to his father’s side who is wounded, starting a montage of running and sadness. Liam runs to Hayden as Hellhound Parrish comes for her body. And in the final parallel, Melissa runs to Scott who was disemboweled by Theo.

While this show is full of supernaturally endowed people, the real powerful characters are the ones that are human. Through pure force of will and her unrelenting love for her son, Melissa brings Scott back. She refuses to believe that he’s gone. She knows he is too strong to die and even after Mason tells her Scott hasn’t had a pulse for fifteen minutes, she still uses her human knowledge of medicine to revive him. Human characters are what this show is about, even when some of those humans have special powers. And those who don’t are still special and admirable. Melissa McCall is the real alpha of this show.

Theo makes Lydia take him to the nemeton, something he extracted from her subconscious. Through some sort of weird science he revives all of the dead chimeras who for some reason have not decomposed at all even though it’s been weeks since the first ones died. Finally, Hayden is the last one to be brought back.

Theo tells them he is their alpha and they all have follow him.

Finally, we’re getting somewhere. And just when it’s the summer finale.

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