Teen Wolf Recap Season 5 8/3/2015 “Strange Frequencies”

By on August 4, 2015
'teen wolf episode 2'

Teen Wolf’s, “Strange Frequencies,” puts on a big show like it’s going to keep up the pace. While ploy heavy, little happens in the episode. It takes off right where it ended with the standoff between Theo and Stiles. In a quick turn from last week, it doesn’t seem like Theo is in fact interested in blackmail at all. His motivations this episode center around convincing Stiles that the murder of Donovan was justified. Stiles is of course the purest of pure hearts. His seduction to the dark side will not come that easily. However, he is much more susceptible in being seduced into hiding the dead body of the chimera.

'teen wolf episode 2'

Against the common trope of teen supernatural series, Liam tells Hayden immediately what she is without even a second thought and it’s hilarious. This show’s strength is the teens and Teen Wolf is fully self-aware. Liam tries to reveal his wolf side and Hayden has no choice but to punch him in the face. Ah, young love.

Liam was right in thinking Hayden was a chimera. Almost immediately she starts being targeted by the Dread Doctors. Even after she punched him in the face, Liam still rescues her. This precious dynamic is much needed in the midst of the darkness of the older characters.

After he and Theo drop the body off at the vet clinic, Stiles reveals the body of the dead chimera – “Josh,” apparently. Both Stiles and Theo lie to Scott about how he died. One of them has to watch the body so it doesn’t get stolen as the past chimeras have. Of course Theo volunteers. His motivations are just as shady as his actions but seven episodes in and there is still no answer to the fake parents and what he is all about.

Kira is separate in this episode, and it’s starting to seem that it is possibly forever. Somehow, her mother has discovered that the kitsune part of Kira is overwhelming her. Noshiko just starts slashing a sword at her in the middle of a class room to make the kitsune reveal itself. Kira vs. Noshiko is badass though quite random random. Sometimes random and badass are necessary. It is Teen Wolf, after all. But there is no real foundation for her parent’s emotional state. There are no scenes showing how they came to see the changes in their daughter. In fact, they haven’t even been seen since the first episode of the season.

Kira’s storyline truly seems to be coming to a close. The scene between her and Scott seems like a goodbye. Somehow, Kira seems to know that her future is uncertain. There are sad and quite foreboding flashbacks about Kira and Scott first getting together in their last scene together. That on top of the fact that Scott has told her he loves her and how she leaves so quickly seem to point in one fatal direction. This really could be curtains for her.

The pack decides to trap the Dread Doctors in the school as a way to protect Hayden. Instead of going to class these kids draw out blueprints in the school library. Not only do the kids forgo class and make loud plans in the library but somehow they can get into the high school after dark. Where are the authority figures in this place? The only two real authority figures are on the law side of things. Melissa and Sheriff Stilinski meet up at the hospital to discuss theories. These two are so meant to be. They are professionals in their given field, parents who love their weird/supernatural kids, and are of course quite smart.

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