“The Wiz” Casts Their Dorothy With Shanice Williams; Find Out Who She Is

By on August 5, 2015


“The Wiz” is being re-created for NBC as they will be doing a live version as was done with “The Sound of Music” and “Peter Pan.” “Grease” is also gathering their cast and alreday has Julianne Hough, Vanessa Hudgens and a few more but “The Wiz” cannot go on without a Dorothy. This was a role originally made famous by Diana Ross in 1978 and now Shanice Williams will be filling her red bedazzled shoes. But who is Shanice Williams, you may be asking yourself? Why not someone more prominent and already in the industry like Zendaya? Name recognition helped “The Sound of Music” become a success with Carrie Underwood in the lead.

This will actually be Shanice’s first television role which is kind of cool because no one will have any pre-conceived notions of what they think she should be like. Of course, we will always see Dorothy as Judy Garland or Diana Ross but now it is time for a newcomer to hold the title. This is what we know: Shanice is eighteen and at thirteen, her grandmother questioned why she never played Dorothy in the plays. This is what she said to Grandma on NBC this morning upon revealing the news: “I was actually in it my eighth grade year, and my grandma’s like, ‘Why didn’t you ever do for Dorothy? I’m so mad. So here you go, grandma! This is for you!”

The original cast of “The Wiz” had Michael Jackson (scarecrow), Nipsey Russell (Tin Man), Diana Ross and Ted Ross (Cowardly Lion). Taking over for those roles will be David Alan Grier in the role of the lion, Queen Latifah as The Wiz and Mary J. Blige is set to take on the role of the Wicked Witch. This seems like an amazing cast and I think that it will be super fun to go down the Yellow Brick Road with these amazing talents, especially live. Set your DVR’s because “The Wiz” will air LIVE on NBC December 3rd!

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