Is Tom Cruise’s Mother Missing or Has She Died? Scientology to Blame?

By on August 31, 2015
'tom cruise lip synch battle'

Tom Cruise’s mother hasn’t been seen since April and according to widespread reports her place of residence is empty. This is sparking an all out search for the elderly woman.

'tom cruise lip synch battle'

Cruise’s mother, Mary Lee South, 78, was last seen on April 5th,  when she attended Easter brunch at the Celebrity Centre of Scientology in L.A.. Of course, since the source is the The National Enquirer and further details were provided by, one has to wonder how true any of the now ‘rumors’ really are.  Is Mom Cruise really missing? Or is this just a whole bunch of hubbub about nothing?

South initially lived with her son, mega-movie star, Tom Cruise in his home in Beverly Hills. After living with Cruise for some time, she was moved into an assisted living facility locating in Hollywood Heights. Coincidentally her new home was only a mile away from the Scientology building, the same place that Cruise is said to spend a lot of time practicing his religion. His very secretive religion.

After April 5, 2015, Martha hasn’t been seen and her apartment in the assisted living facility in Hollywood Heights remains empty. This is sparking speculation that she is missing or has passed away. Or maybe she just moved?

We here at Have U Heard have a couple of questions about the case of the missing Mary Lee South? If she passed away, why would it be a secret? Why is it a big deal that her place in the assisted living facility is empty? Maybe she moved back in with her son? Why does Scientology have anything to do with her whereabouts? Maybe Martha moved back home to Florida?

If she passed, there is no death certificate.

Tom had appeared on television quite a bit promoting his latest movie, Mission Impossible and appeared quite happy and didn’t mention anything about his mother passing.

We will keep you posted as to the where in the world Martha South is? We are hoping this is much ado about nothing and the National Enquirer is just trying to sell magazines.

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