Total Divas Recap 8/25/15- Season 4, Ep. 8- It’s a Beautiful Life?

By on August 25, 2015
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“Total Divas” is back and every week, it seems that a new diva emerges and someone wants to take over the WWE. The Bella twins and Nattie are not going to let that happen any time soon. You can ¬†keep up with season four of “Total Divas” right here.

Bella Twins

Bella Twinsl

Last week, the Bella’s decided that they wanted to open a barre fitness studio and recruited brother JJ to help them run it. Actually, Nikki recruited him and Brie was not too happy that he was taking the dream that the sisters had and turning it in to what he wanted. He did find some great locations and in the end, Brie realized that it was better to have him around, especially since they travel so much than not there at all. Trinity was trying to be all motherly to her stepchildren but her husband and the baby mama feel that she is going a tad overboard. What can she say? She loves to spoil them and would do the same for her own biological children. She soon learns that laying down the law will make her a more efficient parent in the long run.

Eva Marie is back at NXT and the reception that she gets is awful. She can barely speak to the crowd as she is getting booed. I am not surprised because if they have seen the footage of her privately training, they will feel like she is not a true blue wrestler like the others who have paid their dues. She does know that she will be on the road sooner rather than later and that she needs to have an epic ending for her matches. The finishers are dangerous but it does not seem like she cares all that much as long as she wins and gets the respect she so desperately wants. I think she is just going to have let time tell.

Tonight, Nikki claims to be the better singer, so Brie sets her up to make her national debut but she might fall flat. Elsewhere, Paige confronts her trust issues by testing Kevin and Nattie takes drastic measures when she fears the WWE is phasing her out.

Keep reading to see how the Divas fare.

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