Total Divas Recap 8/4/15- Season 4, Ep. 5- Tea Mode

By on August 4, 2015
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“Total Divas” is so good this season that if you have yet to watch it, you need to catch up. You can keep up with this season of “Total Divas” right here!


WrestleMania was insanity and it looked like there was no reasoning with Eva through anyone, not even Nikki. But Paige got her time to shine, making her dreams come true and Nattie was able to celebrate with her wrestling family, including dad Jim and uncle Bret, by her side. Then it was back to traveling for the company but before that, Nattie offered to take in some cats that needed fostering for a short time before they can be placed in homes. Little did she know that her delivery would be close to twenty cats. Needless to say, husband TJ was not too thrilled about it but he knows that she cannot say no. Fortunately, her parents will be in town to watch over the cats while she and TJ go away.

Paige is supposed to move in with Alicia but she ends up getting an offer from her new boyfriend to live with him. Since she is on the road so much, it does not really matter where she stays but Alicia does not like this at all. Turns out she is just missing her ex and wants to get back with him so there was some jealousy. Paige told her just to say that from the start and it would have been alright. Nikki has been convinced that her brother-in-law, Bryan cannot stand her after he put her clothes in the shed when she was staying with them while John was away. He insults her intelligence and it makes things very uncomfortable. She confronted him and eventually, Brie reminded Nikki of the kind things that Bryan has done for her throughout the years.

Tonight, Alicia, anticipating that her ex-boyfriend may be single again soon, toys with the idea of confessing her love to him. Jonathan takes heat for Eva’s bruises while Paige is offended by Nikki’s classy take on her home turf.

Keep reading to see what drama the divas stir up tonight.

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