True Detective Recap 8/2/15 Season 2 Episode 7: Black Maps and Motel Rooms

By on August 2, 2015
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True Detective has been a complex story following the main characters from their past to the present, and more missing pieces of the investigation may be found in tonight’s episode.

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Vera is not only found but rescued, and now the detectives are closer to discovering all the collusion, corruption, and people involved in a case that has expanded much further from the initial disappearance of city manager Ben Caspere.

Along with finding Vera at the party, Woodrugh was able to recover documents that Catalyst Holdings Group owner McCandless and investor Osip were discussing. These two discoveries from the party are great for the detectives, but there are still some issues in the case.

Irina Rulfo was supposed to be found by Velcoro as she pawned Caspere’s watch and was close to Lito Amarillo. Velcoro became distracted to find her because of his situation with his ex-wife, Chad, and the arrested rapist, but Semyon went on a search for her due to his desire to find the money he lost from Caspere.

Semyon finding Rulfo dead by the two men he made a deal with, who now are going to profit from him, not only puts Semyon in a poor business situation but effects everyone as Rulfo was important in the case.

Semyon spoke briefly to Rulfo over the phone, and received some pertinent information that she received Caspere’s items to pawn from a police officer. If this is true, it leads more towards the Vinci police as potential suspects for murdering Caspere.

What will the detectives find from Vera and the numerous documents found? What is Semyon’s next move after his poor deal that cost Irina Rulfo’s life?


Summary of Episode 7: 

Wow, this episode might be the most thrilling of this season and out of control story. The situation of this case unraveled into more chaos, disappointing discoveries, multiple characters killed off and a tragic death for one of the relatively good guys and main detectives.

While the detectives are staying at a motel to stay undercover with Vera after the escape from the party, the documents found show Tony Chessani, Osip, and McCandless owner of Catalyst have been working together on business deals and ownership of land parcels in the north. They have the assets and money of Caspere, which he was supposed to fund to Semyon for his project.

Semyon is furious discovering that Osip has been working with Catalyst, especially since his associate Blake Churchman has been assisting Osip behind his back as well. Semyon meets with Churchman privately, and violently beats him up. Churchman reveals that Osip and his men have been holding these parties for over a year, and Osip’s initial plan has been to replace Semyon as the big business/gangster owner of the casino in Vinci. Semyon assumes they also killed Caspere, which Churchman says they were not involved with pleading they don’t even know who killed him. Semyon then kills Churchman.

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