True Detective Recap 8/9/15 Season 2 Episode 8: Omega Station (Season Finale)

By on August 9, 2015
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truedetectiveEverything that has been leading to the discovery of the suspect behind city manager Ben Caspere’s death plus finding the last puzzle piece in all the corruption and collusion in the city of Vinci will be solved on 

Last episode revealed important information as head of the Vinci police, Chief Halloway and Lieutenant Burris most likely stole the blue diamonds in 1992 and since then have been working in corruption for Ben Caspere.

Paul Woodrugh began this story as a regular police highway patrol officer about to face his career in jeopardy. His suicidal attempt on a late night 100 mph bike ride, led him to surprisingly find a dead Ben Caspere who was missing at the time.

Since that moment, Woodrugh evolved from each episode to arguably the most important, effective, and likable detective as his investigative work has led to the most leads, information, and surprising facts found in this chaotic case.

Woodrugh has put himself in numerous risky and dangerous situations for the case, which is why we as viewers like him. However, Woodrugh’s Black Mountain past and inability to forget it, causes him to follow the anonymous pictures he received last episode, in which he gets cornered by Catalyst people, Miguel, and Halloway.

Woodrugh’s heroically escapes all of them pretty much unharmed and finds a way out of the dark tunnels, ready to call Velcoro and Bezzerides, who unknowing to him have learned about Caspere’s secretary Erica in the picture. However, a hiding Burris shoots down Woodrugh before the call.

In the last episode, Velcoro and Bezzerides will attempt to avenge Woodrugh’s death in which they are really the only two detectives left who can solve this case, with Detective Katherine Davis also dead. Semyon may be a important factor in helping them, as he is done with his Vinci casino and business dreams for now.


True Detective’s principle of surprise continued in the unique ending to this story of corruption, crime, and human loss.

To first begin with the killer of Ben Caspere. The finale reveals that the  secretary Erica was actually Laura the daughter who was found alive with her brother Glenn from the 1992 store robbery, in which Halloway, Burris, and Dixon stole the blue diamonds for Caspere.

However, there was more to just stealing the blue diamonds. Caspere had a affair with many women including the mother of Laura and Glenn. Due to her knowing about Caspere’s parties and home videos which showed his blackmail of people in the city, in 1992 Caspere wanted her gone because she knew this and Laura was his illegitimate daughter.

Fast forward to present, Laura and Glenn grown up. Laura and Glenn were separated growing up as she was raised in a orphanage and Glenn in a group home. When Laura ran away from her orphanage at 16, she met Tasha and was one of the girls at Tony Chessanis parties, where she eventually met Caspere. Because she remembered Caspere as a child “visiting” her mother, she knew he had something to do with her parents brutal death.

She got Caspere, to hire her as his secretary under the name “Erica”. She got Glenn, who she found, a job as a photographer on the film production company. Through a plan, they got Caspere alone in his other home, and Glenn killed Caspere for what he did to their parents. Glenns anger and rage led this because the hard drive they found from Caspere, was deleted of all the footage Caspere had from the erotic parties Tony Chessani held.

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