Did Tyga Give Kylie Jenner a Car That Belonged to Ex Blac Chyna for Her Birthday?

By on August 8, 2015

Who wouldn’t love to get an amazing car for their 18th birthday? What about a car that belongs to your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend? Let’s ask Kylie Jenner how she feels knowing that she received a red Mercedes G-Wagon that belonged to Blac Chyna, Tyga’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama.

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Tyga had the decency to at least have the Mercedes painted. Black Chyna’s Mercedes was a cream color, while Kylie’s Mercedes is a cherry red color. The rapper did recycle the license plate.

Before we accuse Tyga of giving second hand gifts, we should probably give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he had Black Chyna return the car so he could use it and just let Kylie borrow the car for her birthday. That sounds a lot more reasonable and like a better explanation than giving out a second hand gift to the love of your life.

Kylie probably isn’t concerned about the gift as she also received a Birkenstock bag that cost a minimum of $10,000. The reality star can well afford anything she wants as she lives on her own and financially hasn’t been supported by her mother, Kris Jenner since she was 14 years old.

As for the second hand gift, Tyga probably has been a bit distracted following an incident with a transgender female, who claimed Tyga and she had been sexting each other and Tyga was sending her penis photos.

What would you do if your boyfriend gave you an amazing gift that he had previously given to his ex-girlfriend? Would you accept it? Or would it be a constant reminder of a love he once had.

TMZ first reported the news about the gift. I am sure this won’t be the last we hear about the car or Blac Chyna – she seems to have outlasted her 15 minutes of fame a long time ago.

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