After: Bachelor in Paradise – Kirk Tells Why He Dumped Carly – More Lies?

By on September 7, 2015
'kirk explains dumping carly'

Watching one of the last episodes of Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 was beyond difficult. While watching some of our favorite couples break up and hearts broken, the hardest breakup to watch was Kirk and Carly.

'kirk explains dumping carly'

The couple were together from the beginning of Bachelor in Paradise. We watched them as they enjoyed each other’s company, laughed and Kirk even agreed to go to Carly’s brother’s wedding reception. And then we saw Kirk dump Carly without warning. He went from completely happy to dumping her and there was never going to be a wedding reception for the couple.

Carly appeared on Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise where she confessed she gave up the biggest night in her brother’s life, to be with Kirk. Carly said she and Kirk spent a lot of time together and he reciprocated her feelings throughout their time together. Bachelor Nation voted on whether Carly should forgive Kirk and 51% of the fans thought she should.

If you were hoping, Kirk would come out and apologize and then propose – we were too. Unfortunately, Kirk came out and he and Carly saw each other for the first time since Bachelor in Paradise. Carly said she tried to call Kirk recently but he didn’t call her back.

Kirk DeWindt apolgized to Carly and told her she is the last person he wanted to hurt. He told her she didn’t deserve that conversation out of the blue. He said Carly should not have been caught off guard. Kirk claims he didn’t tell Carly how he was feeling because Carly had told him if she saw a red flag in a relationship she would run and he didn’t want that happen. Kirk was recently out of a relationship when he came to Bachelor in Paradise and he thought he was ready for another relationship.  He did admit he should have said something to her but he was afraid if he said something to her, their relationship would not have moved forward and they wouldn’t have had a chance and he wanted an honest shot with her.

He felt her feelings were stronger than his and he couldn’t see what their life would be once they left the island. Kirk told Carly everything a girl would want to hear. He was fine with the pace of the relationship, he was agreeing to things when he should have been honest with her. Carly mentioned she wanted children and Kirk got scared. She clarified she wanted children – 5 years from now – not tomorrow.

He said if it was there for him, Carly would have felt it.

Carly said for all the women this has happened to – “DON”T DO THIS. IT’S JUST WRONG!”

What do you think about Kirk’s excuses for dumping Carly the way he did? Did he handle their post- breakup conversation well or was it more of Kirk saying what Carly wanted to hear??

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  1. cari373

    September 7, 2015 at 11:58 pm

    It was rude of him! He should have waited until after the show ended to really talk logistics with her. Of course she doesn’t want kids with him after 5-6 weeks on a TV show. Ha! You need to date away from the cameras first, and if after the show they hadn’t worked out, okay then, after the show they don’t work out. But to spring it on her hours after the final rose ceremony and saying yes to her/her saying yes to him…That is rude! She was gushing about how excited she was only minutes before he talked to her. NOW, she needed to clarify a few things with him during their conversation, and she reacted VERY quickly. She needed to find out where he was coming from before she reacted how she did. What I personally saw it as was him saying “Look, we’re moving VERY fast, and I want go slower. I’m sorry I was gung ho with saying yes to everything. Can we slow down a bit?” While it felt like she thought he was saying “We’re OVER!” I don’t think that was what he meant, and that was why he was scrambling to fix things, but she didn’t even give him the opportunity to. She was just so angry.

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