Agents of SHIELD Recap 9/29/15 Season 3 Ep. 1 “Laws of Nature”

By on September 30, 2015
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Super heroes abound! Like the Marvel Universe doesn’t need more of that. Welcome to season three of Agents of SHIELD. Time has past since the last episode, but not very much as it seems. After the fish oil was contaminated, people with powers are surfacing. Instead of continuing with the current story, Agents of SHIELD is already rebooting itself after only two seasons. Mirroring the pilot episode, a man with super powers is losing control. Newcomer Joey has the power to meltdown solid objects around him. Unlike the first episode where Skye is the one recording the event, that job belongs to Coulson. Skye is now the leader of the force trying to protect these new Inhumans.

'marvel agent of shields'

For some reason, Skye is now going by Daisy, the name her crazy parents gave her that she never really knew. She saves the man with her earthquake powers by shoving him into a hovering pod. This show really has no shame.

Skye/Daisy is tasked with protecting new Inhumans, people with alien genetics. Inhumans are being targeted by some faceless black ops group. And experimenting on them as evil faceless corporations are wont to do.

Everyone is introducing themselves this episode like this show hasn’t been going on for two years. This is a small amount of time to be doing a reboot. Skye is now Daisy and Bobbi is explaining the genesis of her nickname. We have seen these characters before and this does not seem necessary. It’s as if the writers have decided to make a completely different show and go against the pact they made with the viewers from the first season. This seems like a cheap ploy and pretty deceptive to viewers who have already invested their time and attachments to characters. At least Coulson isn’t really on board with calling Skye Daisy either. The show is pretending it’s not weird but it is.

Skye/Daisy tells this Joey guy that he is an alien like her and he reacts pretty much like you’d expect. Good on you, Agents of SHIELD. Let’s have some realism where we can get it.

“The world has been a little twitchy since Sokovia fell out of the sky,” says Skye/Daisy. Pretty sure the world has been twitchy since aliens destroyed New York in the first Avengers movie, but sure.

Bobbi is exiled to the lab for uncertain reasons besides the fact that there is a resident scientist missing. Is she a scientific expert now? Jemma is gone but that doesn’t mean people can spontaneously grow two PhDs. And there must be at least one other genius on the planet they can recruit for their uses.

Fitz has the only progression that makes sense and it also interesting. Gone is the Fitz of the past who was anxiety prone and awkward. He follows a lead in Morocco to find out what happened with Jemma and why she was sucked into a giant mysterious rock now called the Monolith. Remember when Fitz needed Ward to help him survive the resident thugs? These times. There are a’changing. Fitz tries to make a deal with vaguely threatening thug characters to find something that will help him discover the origins of the Monolith.

Fitz’s undying love and devotion to the missing Simmons is transparent. It’s the only reason why he’s so driven to get the object that the gang has. Thug leader Yusef sees this and obviously ships FitzSimmons. Just like the entirety of the fandom. Unfortunately this isn’t enough to save him. Yusef turns on Fitz but he is able to escape with the artifact.

Hunter and Coulson try to go find the mystery woman who is targeting Inhumans but discover that it’s a trap. The mystery woman is called Rosalind. But instead of uncovering why she’s targeting the Inhumans, they find out that she’s trying to protect them. She was under the impression that SHIELD was the one murdering them. Unlikely partnership! Maybe.

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  1. Gia

    October 5, 2015 at 3:47 pm

    Gepap, the author is right when complaining about Bobbi being thrown into the lab – yes, she was injured, but unless you read comics, viewers wouldn’t understand why she’s in the lab. She could be recovering doing other things – the only explanation we have for why she in the lab is when Coulson says she’s finally getting use of her “biology degree.” The author is talking about the show here, not the comics, so saying she has a biology degree isn’t much of an explanation.
    And about the Daisy name – it is weird that she chose to go by that name, after discovering both her parents were murderers.

    But then again, you used the comics to defend both your answers. If I wanted to read a comic, that’s what I would’ve done. This is a TV show, that has already rebooted TWICE in less than three seasons, and completely abandoned their premise.
    Viewers who complained about the show not having enough powered people stopped watching – the ones that stuck were watching for the characters and their stories. So why would the writers decide to abandon those viewers and instead come up with a completely different story, aimed at viewers who stopped watching long ago?

  2. Gepap

    October 1, 2015 at 9:57 am

    Its funny to see someone complain about the show introducing characters by saying she has been watching for two years, and then show that clearly she hasn’t been paying attention.

    For example, Bobbi is in the lab because in last season’s finale she was shot, AND had her knee broken. The knee is still mending, so she isn’t going on the field, and since her comic character began as a scientist, well, there you go. Also, Daisy was the name the character was given lovingly by her parents, who subsequently went crazy due to the tragedy that separated her from them. Given that the character was trying to find out her identity for the first one and a half seasons, why wouldn’t she reclaim her true name and identity as a pre-existing Marvel comics property?

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