American Ninja Warrior Recap 9/14/15 – Finale

By on September 14, 2015
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On tonight’s episode of American Ninja Warrior the finalists are headed to Vegas to take on the remaining stages of Mount Midoriyama.

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Contestants that were able to complete Stage 1 are now coming back to try their hand at the next three stages. The Final stages are also timed, which means that they’ve got to run their fastest to get the end without getting knocked out by a buzzer. Unlike in the previous rounds there is no “farthest the fastest” – either you make it to the end and on to the next round, or you’re out.

As the competition stands now, no competitor in history has made it through all 4 stages of the Finals and the furthest anyone has made it on the show is when Brian Arnold made it through to the last obstacle of the third stage during Season 5 in 2013. In fact, the only time any competitor from the United States has ever made it to the final stage of Mt. Midoriyama was when Kane Kosugi made it during Season 8 of Sasuke, which is the Japanese show on which American Ninja Warrior is based.  Will this be the year that a competitor finally breaks through to Stage 4 and takes a real shot at winning the $1,000,000 prize?

And here we go!

Contestant: Jo Jo
Results: Unfortunately Jo Jo didn’t make it very far on the course, hitting the water (by the way he can’t swim and last year needed to be rescued from the water) on the Salmon Ladder. Also, he should invest in some swim lessons if he wants to compete in a sport where failure means hitting the water.

Contestant: Daniel
Results: Daniel had a great run on the course, but his rookie season has come to an end on Roulette Row.

Contestant: Dustin
Results: Wow, Dustin made it a remarkable 6 seconds before hitting the water on the very first obstacle.

Contestant: Jamie
Results: Captain NBC hit the water on Roulette Row, although he did make it a bit further than Daniel Gill.

Contestant: Grant
Results: The Salmon Ladder had it in for Grant tonight, as he hit the water on the second obstacle.

Contestant: Dan
Results: Dan has so far made it further than anyone else in the competition this evening – kind of. He hit the water on Roulette Row, and although he made it across both hoops he didn’t stick the landing on the dismount and fell into the water.

Contestant: Ian
Results: Ian became the first competitor of the evening to hit the buzzer on Stage 2! He had a pretty flawless run, and with only 2 competitors completing it last year his early run suggests this year may be a bit luckier!

Contestant: Brian Arnold
Results: This Ninja – one of the fan favorites and all-time greats – looked like he was going to have an amazingly successful run, but he was unable to make the transition on Roulette Row and unfortunately timed out.

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