America’s Got Talent 2015 Recap 9/1/15 – Semi-Final 1 Perform – Season 10

By on September 1, 2015
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The live semi-final show begins at Radio City Music Hall tonight on America’s Got Talent. Eleven semi-finalists are set to perform live at the world famous Radio City Music Hall for the chance to win the $1 million prize and be named the most talented act in America.

America's Got Talent - Season 8

As we head into the semi-finals the 11 acts who will be performing are below, including the one wildcard pick. Nick Cannon announced the acts last week.

Check out the 11 acts performing on America’s Got Talent Season 10:

Arielle Baril
Benton Blount
Derek Hughes
Drew Lynch
Metal Mulisha Fitz Army – Judges’ Wild Card Pick
Mountain Faith Band
Oz Pearlman
Samantha Johnson
The Craig Lewis Band

Who will you be rooting for during tonight’s show? Or will your favorite act perform next week?? We will be recapping live, so be sure to come back and see who impresses the judges and America and who stands the chance of facing elimination?

The recap begins … now!

Contestant: Ira and his mom
Talent: They’re puppets that sing and do comedy
Performance Notes: Honestly, I don’t love this act. They’re funny, but I’m not into the puppet thing.
The Results: Howard isn’t into it either, saying that it’s “always the same,” while Mel said that “while they are different it wasn’t amazing.” Heidi said she wished them luck and said America is going to have “a tough time” tonight.

Contestant: Mountain Faith Band
Talent: Band
Performance Notes: Oh oh oh I LOOOOVE this group – they might be one of my new favorites to win it all. I love how they’re able to take pop songs that we know and love and change them up into awesome Blue Grass ditties.
The Results: Howie said he “didn’t think it was big enough” and dubbed it “more Branson that Radio City.” Howard said that they’re great, but they’re “lacking that big moment” vocally. Heidi said that she didn’t think tonight was “the night” for the group and felt that they struggled vocally. Mel wrapped it up by saying that she felt that the song was “completely the wrong choice.” WELL – it looks like I was completely off base…

Contestant: Metal Mulisha Fitz Army
Talent: Dirt Bike Riders/Daredevils
Performance Notes: This is the week’s wild card group – they had been voted out and ended up getting selected by the judges to come back. In my opinion, the judges made a mistake – but I’m not super into the daredevil acts.
The Results: Howard said he felt that the judges made the right choice bringing them back, while Heidi said they are “crazy crazy crazy crazy good” and she “kind of wants to punch them and say stop doing this its too dangerous.” Howie said when there’s no risk there’s no reward, and he thinks that this group took a bigger risk than any other group competing tonight.

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