America’s Got Talent 2015 Season 10 Recap 9/8/15 – Semi Final Round 2 – Final 11 Perform

By on September 8, 2015
'america's got talent semi-finals'
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It is nearing the end of the journey for the finalists on America’s Got Talent. With the first round of 11 performers now down to five contestants, the second round of the final 11 performers will take place tonight, Tuesday, September 8th, at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

'america's got talent semi-finals'

Tomorrow night, the 11 performers will be cut to five, making the final 10 on America’s Got Talent 2015 Season 12.

Last week we saw the first round of 11 perform, leaving the following acts for the first round of semi-finals.

Derek Hughes
Oz Pearlman
Drew Lynch
Benton Blount
The Craig Lewis Band

It took the Dunkin Save for Benton Blount to make it to the finals and The Craig Lewis Band made it into the top five thanks to the judges, who chose him over Samantha Johnson.

Check out the complete recap from the first round of semi-finals for America’s Got Talent here!

The 11 finalists we will see perform for the final semi-finals, to determine who will complete the top 10 finalists for America’s Got Talent are:

3 Shades of Blue (Rock Band)
Alicia Michilli (Singer)
Daniella Mass (Opera Singer)
Alondra Santos (Mariachi Singer)
Gary Vider (Stand-Up Comedian)
Piff the Magic Dragon (Magician)
Freelusion ( Dance Troupe)
Paul Zerdin (Ventriloquist)
Stevie Starr (Professional Regurgitator)
Uzeyer (Acrobat Dancer)
Sharon Irving (Singer).

Who out of the above 11 acts will make it to the finals? It is up to you America. Don’t forget to vote. The top three are picked by the votes tonight. There will be a Dunkin’ Save and finally, the judges choice.

And here we go!

Contestant: 3 Shades of Blue
Talent: Band
Performance Notes: These guys are goooood. BUT their music is a bit of a downer – they never play anything upbeat. But let’s see what the judges have to say, shall we?
The Results: Mel kicked it off saying that she loved them and thought they were “perfect, perfect, perfect.” Howie said that he thinks they did an amazing job with their song choice and that this was their best performance yet, while Heidi said she thought they did amazing and she hopes everyone votes for them. Howard, however, had a differing opinion, saying that while he has always rooted for them he thinks that the original of the song they performed was better, and therefore he didn’t love it.

Contestant: Gary Veder
Talent: Comedian
Performance Notes: Uhhhmmm…. I don’t love him. I usually love comedians but this guy – I dunno. He tries. But there’s just something about him – maybe his comedy is a little too dry and delivered too slowly.
The Results: Howie apparently loved this act, as he gave him a standing ovation and said it was his best performance yet. Heidi, however, declined to say anything (and said in German “If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all.”) Mel said she agreed with Howie and that she loves the pace of his delivery, and she hopes he goes through. Howard wrapped it up saying that they should avoid Heidi when judging comedians, and he loved the jokes and the delivery.

Contestant: Alondra Santos
Talent: Singer
Performance Notes: She’s SO amazingly talented – and she’s only 13 years old. She sang a song entirely in Spanish, but it was a Ricky Martin song that everyone knows and loves, so it was actually quite fun!
The Results: Howard said he loved her performance and he’s amazed that she’s only 13 years old, while Heidi said she loves when Alondra hits the high notes. Mel said it was obvious that she had fun on the stage but cautioned her to be careful with her song choices in the future. Howie wrapped it up saying that he thinks what she’s doing is “very commendable” because she’s bringing her culture to America.

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