America’s Got Talent Recap 9/15/15 – Finale Performances

By on September 15, 2015
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On tonight’s episode of America’s Got Talent we’ll see the remaining 10 acts perform their Finale Performances!

America's Got Talent - Season 8

As a refresher, the final 10 acts are:

  • Derek Hughes
  • – Magician

  • Drew Lynch – Comedian
  • Oz Pearlman – Mentalist
  • Benton Blount – Singer
  • The CraigLewis Band
  • Piff the Magic Dragon – Comedian and Magician (and my personal favorite!)
  • The Professional Regurgitator (Steven Starr) – He does exactly what you think he does…
  • Paul Zerdin – Ventriloquist
  • Uzeyer – Danger/Balancing Act
  • Gary Vider – Comedian

Each of these acts as really brought their “A” game this season – and tomorrow night we’ll find out which of them will be walking away with the grand prize!

I’m so excited to see what Piff the Magic Dragon and Drew Lynch have in store for us tonight, and will be sitting on the edge of my seat when Uzeyer performs. Paul Zerdin is sure to entertain us all with his witty ventriloquist act, while Steven Starr (the Professional Regurgitator) is sure to make us all very uncomfortable and possibly sick. And then there’s Gary Vider… I don’t love him, and I don’t see the appeal, but we’ll see how he does!

And here we go! This year’s finale is opening with a performance by the world famous Radio City Rockettes and Flo Rida – and they are amazing!

Contestant: Oz Pearlman
Talent: Mentalist
Performance Notes: Per usual, Oz has the judges very involved in his act tonight. He basically was able to guess (or mystically know… dun dun dun!) which chair the judges would sit in and had them pick cards, match envelopes, and called their actions. And nailed it. Although, I’ll be honest – I’m always a bit skeptical of these types of acts.
The Results: Howie kicked it off by saying there is “nothing more amazing” than what Oz just did, while Heidi said this week’s act was his “best yet.” Mel said she’s in shock and said that Oz would make the best husband and then dubbed the performance “incredible.”

Contestant: Uzeyer
Talent: Danger/Balancing Act
Performance Notes: Uzeyer did some pretty awesome tricks, but I’m not super impressed – it’s kind of always the same thing over and over again. But it was definitely
The Results: Howie said that it was a good performance, and acknowledged that Uzeyer is hurt from his fall last week – but said America isn’t going to vote on sympathy. Howard said pretty much the same, saying Uzeyer is great athlete but America probably isn’t going to vote for him – and, to not beat a dead horse, Mel and Heidi said pretty much he exact same thing.

Contestant: Benton Blount
Talent: Singer
Performance Notes: Oh interesting choice, Benton! Tonight he’s doing a cover of One Direction’s “Story of my Life” (which is an amazing song – stop judging me!) and it’s … perfection. He’s taken all the pop out of it and we’re just left with a soulful, kind of gritty rendition.
The Results: Howard said he “really nailed it” when he got to the chorus, but he did tell him that the first verse sounded “a bit flat.” Heidi said she thinks he has a heart of gold and she thinks America relates to him while Mel said “this week was perfect” for him. Howie wrapped it up by saying that One Direction was a good choice and that people “genuinely like him.”

Click on over to the next page to see how the rest of the contestants fare.

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  1. Darla Stark

    September 16, 2015 at 1:16 am

    Drew suffered an injury to his throat, not a brain injury.

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