Ariana Grande Talks Hating America While Promoting New Perfume

By on September 15, 2015
'ariana grande donut licking bitch'

There’s nothing like a new line of perfume to bring Ariana Grande back in the limelight. We haven’t seen the teen sensation since the ‘donut’ incident, where Grande was caught on video saying she hates Americans and making negative comments about fat people.

'ariana grande donut licking bitch'

Grande appeared on Good Morning America to promote her new fragrance, Ari. Before speaking about the fragrance she spoke about the incident saying,

“My behavior was very offensive and I apologized, there is no excuse or there is nothing to justify it and I think that as human beings we all say and do things that we don’t mean sometimes and we have to learn from it.” When asked what she learned from the experience? She said,  “I think what it feels like to  disappoint so many people who love and believe in you and that’s an excruciating feeling. You have to remember that your words and your actions have ramifications. It’s important.”

As for the real reason Grande made an appearance on Good Morning America – the fragrance. Grande described the fragrance as sweet and yummy. She said, “It’s kind of liking making a song, you pick a bunch of different notes and they can make a really pretty chord or a very ugly cord.  It smells awful or it smells great.” Her fragrance was described as really sweet like marshmallow or like raspberry.

Along with the fragrance, there is a social media campaign called the Be You Campaign. The Be You Campaign is about feeling confident since it sometimes can be hard with people telling you there is a certain kind of beautiful.

Grande will have a new single she will be announcing this week. Two promotions with one appearance – not bad for a days work.

What do you think about what Grande had to say on the morning talk show? What are your thoughts on the new fragrance and are you excited for her new song?



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