Azealia Banks Flips Out on Flight Attendant in Homophobic Rant

By on September 22, 2015

Azealia Banks was caught on video going off on a flight attendant and using a homophobic slur. It all happened on a flight from NYC to LAX when Banks attempted to get off the plane after it landed.

Banks was on the Delta flight and apparently became outraged when her hasty exit was blocked by a French couple pulling their luggage from the overhead compartment. The video was obtained by TMZ. The gossip site also got a witness statement in which the witness claimed that Banks tried to squeeze past the couple when the French man put out his hand to stop her.


A Banks

According to TMZ, the rapper became irate spitting at the man and then punched him in the face. She was clawing at his shirt when a flight attendant came over to ask her to calm down. The flight attendant grabbed her bag while attempting to calm Banks but it only enraged her more.She engaged in a tug-of-war over her bag before calling the flight attendant a “f—ing f–got.”

The co-pilot came out to say that the police had been called but Banks allegedly ran off the plane, dropping her phone in the process. Place found her by the baggage claim though the couple declined to press charges because they did not want to deal with the hassle while on vacation.

Banks reportedly told police that the passenger hit her in the face though witnesses dispute that account. Banks has a long history of using the slur “f–got” on social media. Her reps have not released a statement about the incident yet though she took to her Twitter say, “Now you can all sit here in your fake outrage and discuss this amounts yourselves!! I’m headed to the beauty parlor! SIYONARA MOTHERFUCKERS-BRUJA DELBLOQUE(@AZEALIABANKS)”

Her tweet, as well as others reported have since been deleted.

There is no word on whether Delta or the flight attendant plan on taking any legal action, including banning Banks from future flights.

What do you think about her meltdown? Should Delta ban Azealia Banks from flying? Does the flight attendant deserve an apology? Let us know what you think here at Haveuheard.

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