Bachelor in Paradise Recap 9/6/15 – Does Ashley I. Have Sex with Jared – Who is Sent Home?

By on September 6, 2015
'bachelor in paradise - season finale'
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Bachelor in Paradise has reached the end of the road.  It is nearing decision time for the couples. Will they opt to break up or stay together? Will Ashley I. lose her virginity to Jared. After pining after him the entire season, Ashley begs for a fantasy suite card and gets it.

'bachelor in paradise - season finale'

When she asks Jared to go to the fantasy suite it appears that he goes with Ashley I but quickly realizes he doesn’t feel the same way that she does and the couple end up breaking up. Since he didn’t break it off with Ashley till the next morning – we really don’t know if they had sex, but we are going to go with no, because Jared is a good guy.

Also on this episode – we see a promo of Juelia talking about her bad experience with Josh and how she really trust Mikey. Saying things like all is well in paradise and how excited she is about Mikey. Check out the video below to see how Juelia feels about Mikey.

Sadly, Mikey’s feelings are very different from Juelia’s feelings and he ends up breaking up with her. Cue the tears.

Chris announces there will be no cocktail party and eight contestants leave paradise. Who leaves paradise?

Dan Cox
Ashley I. leaves broken-hearted over Jared (we assume Jared leaves also)
Juelia leaves broken hearted when Mikey didn’t work out.
Jaclyn leaves after not finding any love connections.
Mikey will leave after Mackenzie turns down his rose.
Mackenzie will leave because she didn’t want to date Mikey.
Chelsie, Amber, and Ashley S. will head home after not getting a rose.

Nick is head over heels with Samantha and Tanner and Jade have been together since the beginning. What can we expect when they head to the fantasy suite?

When the final episode begins, there are five remaining couples. The couples who remain are:

Kirk and Carly
Nick and Samantha
Justin and Cassandra
Tanner and Jade
Joshua and Tenley

The five remaining couples will get 1-on-1 dates and a Fantasy Suite date. That is definitely pressure.

Kirk breaks up with Carly sending both of them home. That leaves four couples. The remaining four couples go on dates and use the fantasy suite date card.

On the final day a platform was set up with each couple coming up to the platform to give their little speech to each other, then give each other roses if they decide to stay together.

The end result for the four remaining couples is as follows:

Check out who ends up together on Bachelor Pad on the next page.

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