Bella Thorne Goes on Twitter Rant Following Plane Accident and Delay

By on September 22, 2015
'bella thorne goes on twitter rant'

Bella Thorne went all diva on Virgin Atlantic Airlines following a slight fender bender with the plane that left her grounded in New York for 14 hours. Welcome to our world Bella. The world where your plane is delayed and you are left sitting with the average folk. No special accommodations, no food, no beverage…..just sitting and waiting.

'bella thorne goes on twitter rant'

Bella went above and beyond with her complaints to Virgin Atlantic tweeting to her six million followers they should never fly the airline. Like Ever.

If the tweets weren’t so diva like and bitchy….we may feel bad for Bella. The tweets included:

“so virgin gets into an accident and leaves us stranded at the airport for 14 hours with no where to rest and no other options for flight.”

“by the way, there were several other flights and options on other airlines, in a normal situation, you would just get on another flight.”

Nothing wrong with those tweets. It’s the tweets that Thorne deleted that make you wonder how humble she really is??

“.@VirginAtlantic all you have to do is refund my upper class ticket and I could purchase a ticket on @americanair and get to work tomorrow am.

Because really – Bella Thorne can’t afford to put another ticket on her charge card until she got the whole mess sorted out??

She also tweeted:
“risked our life with poor airport skills and then left us to fend for ourselves. @Virginatlantic should be ashamed of themselves.

Virgin Atlantic apologized but in the meantime Bella ended up hopping on a Delta flight along with her boyfriend, Gregg Sulkin and her friend Bella Hadid.

What do you think? Did Bella Thorne go all diva on us? Or is her behavior normal? She may not have appeared like such a diva if she didn’t make sure to tell everyone she was flying Upper Class (by the way – that’s first class in our neck of the woods).

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