Big Brother 17 Season Finale Recap 9/23/15 – The Winner Is….

By on September 23, 2015
'big brother 17_the final 3'
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The season finale of Big Brother 17 is here. Liz, Steve and Vanessa are the final three houseguests.

'big brother 17_the final 3'

With Vanessa and Steve going head to head in the final competition, the winner will be faced with the decision as to who they will take to the finals for the jury to decide who will win the $500,000.

Vanessa has told both Steve and Liz she is taking them to the final two – if she wins, who will she choose?

Dr. Will Kirby will host the jury roundtable for the third year in a row.  Kirby said the jury is incredibly angry with Austin, being hell bent on making sure that Vanessa doesn’t win. The problem with that is Austin doesn’t hold too much weight in the house and the other jurors aren’t particularly fond of him, so will they listen to him. As part of a showmance, it is obvious if Liz goes to the end, she is guaranteed two votes – Austin and her twin sister, Julia.

We have the following people in the jury house:

Shelli Poole – 11th place
Jackie Ibarra -10th Place
Becky Burgess – 9th Place
Meg Maley – 8th Place
James Huling – 7th Place
Julia Nolan – 6th Place
Austin Matelson – 5th Place
John McGuire – 4th Place

Vanessa had a role to play in almost all of the eliminations. Do you think the jurors will hold that against her or will they vote for her to win because she was able to do it?

We see the first and second competitions! The first competition is an endurance competition. Steve falls first. Vanessa decides to go after Liz psychologically and gets her to throw the competition. Of course, she promised she would take her to the final 2.

Meanwhile for the second competition, it’s a crossword puzzle that is being timed. The results were as follows:

Steve complete the competition in 28:27
Liz completed the competition in 31.11

Steve WINS!!

The jury house is discussing the final three and it seems like they are leaning toward voting for Vanessa for the winner.

Vanessa and Steve go head to head for the final competition with a question and choices A or B.

Steve immediately gets the first point. Steve is winning with a score of 2-1. Steve is winning 3-2. Steve is in the lead until there is a tie at 4-4 going into the final question. For the final question Steve gets it right and Steve is in the FINAL TWO!!!

Steve evicted VANESSA!! FINALLY!!!!

The eight jury members came out and were joined by Vanessa. Each of the jury members had questions to ask to the final two, Steve and Liz.

Liz asked what strategy was her own? She aligned with Austin but said she did her own campaigning. She didn’t answer the question.

James asked Steve why he should give $500K to a floater. Steve denied being a floater. He said he was building layers of protection.

Julia asked Liz her biggest game moves? She said it was who she aligned herself with.

Keep reading to see who the jury members vote for?

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