Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 12 – Who Was Nominated, PoV – Final Three

By on September 16, 2015

Big Brother 17 is down to the final four players and is moving at lightening speed. With a new Head of Household, there are two new nominees and the Power of Veto has already been played, as well.


Following the elimination of Austin, the final four players on Big Brother 17 are John, Steve, Vanessa and Liz.

Since Vanessa could not participate in the Head of Household competition, John, Steve and Liz competed in a memory competition, trying to fill in the blank correctly using True or False as an answer. With Liz having the lowest score, John and Steve were left to answer a question with a number. John went over and Steve went under because he forgot a zero. That little mistake helped secure Steve as the new Head of Household.

Steve was faced with nominating two people. Since he and John are in an alliance, Steve nominated Liz and Vanessa for eviction.

During the PoV competition, we learn that Vanessa convinced to throw the competition so she could win the PoV. With Vanessa winning the Power of Veto, she is going to take herself off the block and will be replaced with John. That then leaves Vanessa to decide who she will take to the final three.

Steve regrets his decision, as he should, and is crying in the diary room saying, he made a $500,000 mistake today when he let Vanessa talk him in to throwing the Veto comp. Steve admits he should have won it and used it on John to get Vanessa evicted. He apologizes to his mom and says he chickened out on sending Vanessa to Jury.
Vanessa will be the deciding vote as to who will be the final three.

Vanessa doesn’t think she can beat John in the final competitions and she is probably right. Will she choose John or Liz to take to the end.

Vanessa evicted John.


We will keep you posted!!

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