Big Brother 2015 Season 17 Spoilers Week 12 – Who is HoH, Nominees and PoV

By on September 11, 2015
'big brother spoilers who is hoh'

The Big Brother house is down to the final five houseguests. With the elimination of Julia, the remaining houseguests are her twin Liz, her showmance partner, Austin, John, Steve and Vanessa.

'big brother spoilers who is hoh'

While the Nolan twins and Austin were thought to be ruling the house, Vanessa has played a huge part in all of the evictions, acting as a puppeteer.

When we left off in the house, following Julia Nolan’s elimination, there was an endurance challenge, involving an egg. The houseguests were in a cage with chicken wire where they had to move an egg that was outside the cage into a slot. The slot was about 10 feet away, so it took a lot of time and patience. The last shot we saw on television was Austin had the lead with one egg. The competition continued with Vanessa, John and Austin all tied. Vanessa eventually takes the lead, but then drops an egg. Vanessa and John are so close but John drops an egg toward the end of the competition. Vanessa runs away with it and WINS HOH.

With Vanessa winning HOH this is huge. She has made alliances with everyone in the house. Who can she beat? Who will she take to the final four?

We will find out a lot quicker than usual. With NFL Football beginning on Thursday,Big Brother is changing the schedule and will air on Tuesday and Wednesday’s for now on.

We will keep you posted as to who Vanessa chooses for her nominees and who wins the PoV, so be sure to come back.

Vanessa nominated Johnny and Steve for eviction.

The POV competition was won by John. Who will Vanessa put on the block when John takes himself off the block?

Will she put up Austin or will it be Liz. Vanessa has decided to put up Austin so the nominees are Austin and Steve. This leaves Johnny Mac with the power this week. Will he vote to eliminate Austin or will he vote to eliminate Steve, who has a better chance of winning.

We will be recapping live so come back to Have U Heard and see what happens during tonight’s nominations.

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