Big Brother 2015 Season 17 Week 11 Spoilers – Who Won HoH, Nominees PoV

By on September 4, 2015
'big brother 17 week 11'

Big Brother Season 17 is heating up as there are only six people left in the house. For the 10th week in the house, the houseguests had a double eviction. In an hour, two people left the house.

'big brother 17 week 11'

The first one to leave the house was Meg. She and Julia were on the block and the alliance Julia is in with her sister, Liz and Austin, there was no beating them. When finally given the opportunity to possible break up the trio, Steve and Johnny couldn’t do it – and opted for safety.

Once Meg was eliminated from the house, there was another round of HoH, Nominees and PoV. Liz won HoH and nominated James and Johnny for eviction. With James being a huge threat in the house, he was eliminated. And then there were six houseguests remaining.

We have the complete recap from Big Brother 17 for the double eviction episode here.

The houseguests who are still in the house are:


The houseguests had a Head of Household competition where Steve won the HoH. This is exactly what Steve needed to ensure his safety in the house. He will now be a part of the final five and unless he nominates Johnny, who he is in an alliance with, it looks like the triple threat of Liz, Julia and Austin will finally be broken up.

It looks like someone finally made a bold move! Thank you Steve.

Over the weekend the nominees were named and Steve bravely put Liz and Austin on the block. It looks like the power couple will finally be split up.

The drama really began when the PoV competition was played. Austin won PoV. ¬†While he and Johnny Mac are busy celebrating the victory, Vanessa is trying to pit the twins against Austin and it may be working. Liz questions Austin and is later seen telling Vanessa, he isn’t the same man she fell in love with only a few weeks ago.

Who will the replacement nominee be? Will it be Julia or Vanessa? Hopefully Steve does the right thing and finally gets rid of Vanessa.

For some reason Steve didn’t do the right thing and Vanessa is still around. That means it’s Julia and Liz on the block. One of the twins will be going home.


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