Big Brother Recap 9/3/15 – Double Eviction – 6 Houseguests Remain – Who Went Home

By on September 3, 2015
'big brother 17'
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Big Brother will begin the evening with eight contestants and end the evening with the final six players of season 17.

'big brother 17'

With Meg and Julia on the block, Meg has been campaigning to get Julia out of the house. Will her campaign to remain in the house work or will she be sent home.

With Julia part of the power alliance, it isn’t going to be an easy task. Her alliance includes her twin sister, Liz Nolan and Austin. They have been ruling the house for the past few weeks. Will they maintain their roles as leaders of the house or will Julia be evicted tonight?

Last we saw, Julia has been busy trying to save herself and so far she is doing a good job of it, if the houseguests stay true to their word. So far John has committed to keeping Julia in the house.

Immediately following the eviction tonight – where we presume it will be Meg, there will be another live eviction.

Vanessa is the current HoH and she cannot win the HoH. This leaves Steve, John, James, Austin and either Julia or Meg to compete for the second HoH. Will the newest HoH have the guts to nominate Austin, Julia or Liz? That will shake things up and there isn’t much time for anyone to turn on them, now would be the time to make the move.

With two houseguests being evicted tonight, it is going to be an amazing episode that we will be following. If Steve wins HoH will he make the power move and put up a Nolan, both Nolans or a Nolan and Austin. That would be the best game move for him.

If James wins HoH, what do you think he will do? Possibly put up Vanessa as payback? Whatever happens it will be interesting to watch.

Be sure to come back and see what happens during and following the double eviction tonight.

The show begins and Meg is livid that Julia was nominated for eviction. She doesn’t think she can win. James and Johnny are trying to figure out who they can get to team up to save Meg. Steve is making himself physically sick because he can’t decide whether to turn on Austin and the twins.

The live votes begin. Who did the houseguests vote to evict:

Liz – votes for Meg for eviction
James – votes for Julia for eviction
Johnny – votes for Meg for eviction
Austin – votes for Meg for eviction
Steve – votes for Meg for eviction

Meg is evicted from the house!!!

BB Houseguests is the new HOH competition. Pairs of photos will be viewed and then true or false questions will be asked. Answer correct, you stay in the game. Answer incorrect and you get eliminated.

First round: Steve and James eliminated
Second round: Austin and John are eliminated

This leaves Julia and Liz competing for HoH – and it doesn’t matter because they are like one person!!

Keep reading to see who won HoH and who was nominated for eviction!!

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