Big Brother Season 17 Recap 9/10/15 – Who is Eliminated? Julia or Liz? Who are The Top 5

By on September 10, 2015
'big brother 17 recap 9/10/15'

Big Brother Season 17 is down to the final six people and when the evening ends, they will be down to the final five people.

'big brother 17 recap 9/10/15'

The details are as follows as to who the Head of House, Nominees and remaining houseguests are.

Head of Household: Steve Moses

Nominees: Julia Nolan and Liz Nolan

Remaining houseguests (who will be voting to eliminate either Liz or Julia) – Austin Matelson, John McGuire and Vanessa Rousso

With the alliance between Austin, Liz and Julia they needed to come together to decide who will be going home – either Liz or Julia? They decided between the three of them that Julia should be the one evicted. They spread this news to Vanessa, who is hesitant but agreed to vote out Julia over Liz. Will she really vote out Julia? Or will she turn on Liz and Austin?

Steve tried to negotiate a deal with Liz that is she wins HoH next week and Steve is on the block, she would not vote him out in the event of a tie. Liz didn’t make any promises. Liz will not be protecting Steve if she wins HOH. He put her and her sister on the block, why would he think otherwise? Later, Austin advised Liz to not completely write Steve off considering she may need him for a vote next week, but Liz didn’t seem to care.

Austin and Steve had a conversation where they promised to watch out for each other going forward in the game. Austin will never honor that deal – but if that’s what Steve wants to hear that’s what Austin will tell him.

Julia is expected to be evicted on Thursday night – but since it is all up to Vanessa – anything can happen.
If Julia leaves then Austin, John, Liz and Vanessa will participate in the next HOH competition. If Austin or Liz win, Steve is the likely target while both Austin and Liz will be targeted if John wins. If Vanessa wins she would be forced to choose between the two sides. She has been playing the fence and lying to everyone throughout the game. So who knows what she will do. Let’s hope someone wakes up and nominates her this week.

Time to vote:

Austin – votes to evict Julia

Vanessa – votes to evict Julia

John – votes to evict Julia

It is unanimous and Julia is evicted from the house.

The power is back up for grabs. Who will win? If Austin and Liz want to stay together one of them must win HoH.

The HoH competition is an egg challenge -where the houseguests have to get an egg through a screen into a hole. Whoever gets 10 eggs into the basket first wins. There is also a luxury competition.

We will not see who wins but will have a spoiler post up tomorrow AM – so be sure to come back to see what happened.

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