Big Brother Season 17 Spoilers 9/3/15 – Double Eviction – Who Is Sent Home?

By on September 3, 2015

Big Brother is nearing the end of the season and with only a few weeks left until someone wins the ultimate prize of $500,000 the show is heating up.


Vanessa initially put James and Meg on the block but since James won the Power of Veto, he took himself off the block and Julia is the replacement nominee, leaving Julia and Meg on the block.

Julia is part of the power alliance including her twin sister, Liz Nolan and Austin. They have been ruling the house for the past few weeks. Will they continue to rule the house or will Julia be evicted tonight?

As usual and although the housemates do not know for sure that tonight is a double eviction night, they are strategizing. Will it pay off? Although Julia is on the block, she is an alleged pawn in the game. But Meg and James have been trying to have her evicted, rather then have Meg sent home. Meg clearly must think she is persuasive as anything, since she has been campaigning against Liz to Austin. Does she not know how tight he is with the Nolan twins and he is a man of his word??

Julia has been busy trying to save herself and got John to admit he planned on sending Meg out of the house.
The house is voting out Meg, unless something happens and they change their mind.


Immediately following the eviction tonight – where we presume it will be Meg, there will be another live eviction.

Vanessa is the current HoH and she cannot win the HoH, so she has been busy getting into Steve’s head and the two of them are planning to work together to break up the Nolan Twins and Austin alliance. Who will have the guts to break up the alliance? There isn’t too much time left – so they really need to get a move on it.

With two houseguests being evicted tonight, it is going to be an amazing episode that we will be following. If Steve wins HoH will he make the power move and put up a Nolan, both Nolans or a Nolan and Austin. That would be the best game move for him.

If James wins HoH, what do you think he will do? Possibly put up Vanessa as payback? Whatever happens it will be interesting to watch.

Be sure to come back and see what happens during and following the double eviction tonight.


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  1. Christine

    September 3, 2015 at 12:24 pm

    How is this a spoiler? This is what happened last night. Your article states that Liz is on the block, then it says Julia……..

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