Blindspot Recap 9/21/15 Season Premiere

By on September 22, 2015
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Blindspot is a new series with a crime and mystery setting and a plot centered around a woman, with no name, no memory, no identity, but a body marked with strange tattoos – from head to toe.


Under the pseudonym, Jane Doe, she is a woman who was found in a bag in the middle of Times Square from a bomb squad, as the bag raised suspicious with the tag “Call the FBI”.

Jane Doe is examined by police and doctors, and they discover her whole body was given a chemical that causes amnesia. She doesn’t have any specific memory, from things such as her name, her address, to the President of the U.S. However, she retains procedural memory such as walking, reading, listening, and talking. The major tattoo on her back says the name of top FBI detective Kurt Weller.

In the pilot episode of Blindspot, Weller and his team vigorously use any piece of information they can find from her DNA and tattoos to discover the meaning of her appearance in a bag in times square.

Jane Doe throughout the first half of the episode is constantly being watched and put in safe environments due to the obscurity of her finding. She is frustrated because she can’t remember anything and this confusion makes her not only scared, but angry at the person who could have done this. This fuels her desire to go along with the detectives, especially Weller as his name is on her back.

The turning point of the first episode is when she is able to fluently read Chinese after seeing a picture of a small tattoo on her neck . From this point on, the pilot episode goes into a crime chasing frenzy, leading to more clues and the eventual discovery of the plot by Chao Zheng to destroy the Statue of Liberty.

Weller is conservative of Doe being with the detectives after she reads the Chinese, but her presence was needed as her exceptional fighting skills are revealed. It was awesome how her fighting skills were shown at the same time of the police discovering the hidden navy seal tattoo on her body.

After Doe saves Weller’s life when Zheng has him at knife point, Doe has her first flashback. Shooting Zheng on the arm, makes her remember a time when she was in the woods shooting precise targets with the help of a man in a beard. The same man who has a slight presence in the beginning of the episode hanging by detectives and Jane Doe as they chase Chao Zheng.

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